Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A pretty quiet weekend

Well, we don't have alot to report on this weekend.  I ended up staying home sick from work on Friday, Tim "thoughtfully" shared his cold with me that he had for the past few days.  However, I got the version on seems to be hitting me much worse (or maybe I am a weakling)  Tim was off on Friday so it was nice to have him home with me.  I had picked up a new light fixture for our hallway in Topeka the day before so we "tried" to get that put up.  Of course,what we thought would be a really simple and quick project didn't turn out that way.  First, the bracket that came with the light didn't fit into the receptical that was in our we just decided to use the bracket that went with the old light, simple fix right?  Well of course not!  Now the problem was that the screws that came with the light were a bit short to work with the old bracket. Tim then headed to WalMart to pick up a couple of  longer screws, but as with anything easy, they didn't have any and the hardware store was already closed. So our "simple project would be put on hold till Monday when he would be home next!  That night we stayed home and watched a movie and I headed to bed pretty early.  Saturday, Tim had to work from 7am-7pm at EMS, so while he did that I stayed here at home and relaxed, but did make it to the hardware store to get those dang screws!  I will have to post a picture of the finished product when we get the light up!  Plus, we had our hallway painted last Wednesday so the last of the painting is done in the house (however, now I want to paint the spare bedroom!! Tim is not thrilled!)  Last night was thier EMS Christmas dinner out at the Country Club. It has been reschedualed a few times due to weather and other conflicts, so last night they finally got to get together.  It was a good time, and we got to hang out with some good friends of ours.  Only bummer of the night was that KSU lost in overtime. Since we were at dinner we just kept up with it on our phones and got the play by play that way!  Today, Sunday, Tim is at work at the Fire Station, and I once again and perched on the couch...still feeling pretty miserable.  I am suppose to have a checkride at work on Tuesday with my prep flight tomorrow.  I really hope I get to feeling better today so that I can get all of that done at the beginning of this week.  We will see though...   Hope you all had a great weekend...Oh yea with my lack of seeing the doors this weekend I almost forgot.  We got about 6-7 inched of snow on Friday and Sunday.  It actually fell quite beautifully, with no wind!  This morning (by morning I mean noon) when I let the puppies out, it looked awsome outside (as long as I can stay inside) There was a lot of frozen fog on the trees and everything looked so peaceful! I will go and click some pictures now and post them for ya!  We also were suppose to be gettting back from Hawaii today, so aloha to you all!

Winter Morning

This little guy was taking it all it! Kinda cute!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

so we didn't make it to Hawaii

Hello blogging world, this is Tim. I am a rookie here so take it easy on me. I am going to blog about our trip to Hawaii. ---------- There that empty space, that was it. We didn't get to go. Last Friday night, my last shift before a week of vacation, Monica was eating supper with me at the FD, she was on alert for the guard so she had he phone with her and low and behold the magic number appeared on her cell phone; the one from Forbes command post. The intensity arose as it wasn't time for them to be calling her off alert, so something was up. Over the the period of a few short minutes and the questions she was answering I knew the conversation wasn't in favor of our week ahead. When she hung up she said, "we just got axed." I knew exactly what she was talking about, no trip to Hawaii. While I asked the normal questions of why, why, why, are you kidding me and are you just joking me, my firefighter brethren took the opportunity to to dwell on my misfortune AND in true firehouse form, kick them while they are down! Of course, all in firehouse fun. As I listened to Monica's explanation that the AF unit that they were going to be training with had now been tasked to Haiti. I thought, "well, at least you aren't going to Haiti, and dang it I just spent good money on a ticket and now I am not going!! I am suppose to be leaving for Hawaii in less the 24 hours and now its not going to happen!" As disappointment set it, I really started to worry about my potential loss of ticket. That was the real bummer! Hawaii will always be there, and the 190th takes several trips a year to the island. However, my ticket was for this Sunday! Once our meal was finished and the dishes cleared, Monica and I headed to the office were I could look at my options. Option 1: get Monica a ticket and we go anyway. Though we could have done it, an essentially impulse trip to Hawaii didn't seem fiscally responsible. Option 2: call United Airlines and see what they would do for me. After a couple of calls and trying to deciphere what exactly the guy was saying in broken English/Arabic it was established that I would be able to cancel my ticket and use it sometime with in the next 12 months, that was the best option for us. So Hawaii here I come...... sometime, whenever Monica's next TDY to the island is. I have been trying to convince myself that the people in Haiti need those jets more then I need a trip to Hawaii............

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawaii in a week and King George & Reba in a month!!

So I know that Tim is beyond excited for the next few weeks to get here. Next week I have a TDY to Hawaii!! Every time when new trips come up on our board at work, Tim always says, "If you get Hawaii I am going!! Well, when I was in Turkey I found out that I would be indeed headed to the tropics. No sooner had I told Tim about the trip than he was booking his ticket to join us there. Neither of us have ever been to the island so even though I will be working while there, Tim and I are very excited to check out Oahu together. He will get to be a bum/tourist the whole time, I see lots of golfing in his future! I will post some pictures when we get back!

We are also looking forward to the George Strait & Reba McEntire concert that we will be going to a month from today in Wichita. We are going with some family and friends so it is bound to be a great time!!

Work is looking to be very busy the next month as well. Between my (our) Hawaii trip and the concert I will also be going on a trip to Alaska for about a week. I will fill ya in about that as it gets closer! Talk about one extream to the other! However, I am thrilled to see it all!

Monday, January 18, 2010

2009 Recap!!

So you may have noticed that the Holidays have came and went and with out a Christmas card from the Riggs house. The last few month have been beyond crazy for us, and truth be told I just ran out of time. We finally got the outside lights down today and earlier this week I got the inside decor down and put into totes until next year. However, since I didn't get a letter out, I will "briefly" update ya here!!

The year started out in high gear for us. As soon as the holidays were wrapped up, we headed to Colorado Springs where my brother, Patrick, was married to Megan. We were able to spend the weekend with them and had a great time. I am so glad that he has found someone who makes him so happy, and I am thrilled to have a sister. They are great and live in Philipsburg.

Photos before the ceremony...Me, Megan, Patrick, & Tim

As soon as the weekend was over we were back on the plane back to KS, where as soon as we got home I was doing laundry and packing for my first TDY (work trip.) After almost 2 years to the date of training I was finally getting to do my first "real world" flying with the AF. We would be heading to Germany for about 12 days. It was a great trip, I learned a lot about flying international (since this was the first time), we flew some good missions, and also got to see a lot of Germany and the surrounding countries. We were fortunate to have the weekend off, so we headed for Austria to ski the Alps for the weekend!!!! I am not a good skier by any means, but there was no way I was passing up this opportunity!

The view from the balcony of my room at the bed and breakfast we stayed at! AMAZING!!
After I got home from we Germany we headed back to Phillpsburg, where my parents hosted a great reception for Patrick and Megan. It was nice to celebrate with those that weren't able to make the trip to Colorado.

Things slowed down for us a bit then. I spent a few days each week working in Topeka. (This is our normal, I am usually there 2-4 days a week) Tim decided to pick up a part time job working with EMS. He really enjoys working on the ambulance and he is able to keep his skills up this way. Plus, it gives him something else to do when I am gone on trips.

Also a fairly calm month for us. We were happy to host family a couple of times. The Tremblays came to visit us on their way to Branson. We hadn't seen them in some times so it was great to have them here! Then at the end of the month my Mom, Dad, and Grandma Chester came to see us! The weather wasn't exactly perfect while they were here, as it snowed, but we still loved having them here. Tim also reached the 4 year mark at the Fire Station. He still loves it as much as he did day 1!! I am so thankful that we both have found careers that we love.
Things picked up a bit again in April. Tim's birthday is on the 11th and I left for another TDY on the 12th (also Easter Sunday) We went to Topeka on the 11th where we celebrated his birthday and that way I was there for an early takeoff the next morning. My trip this time took me to Barbados! I was THRILLED to get this trip. We spent 2 weeks there as Presidential Support while President Obama was at the Summit of the Nations. We did have enough time to check out the beach/island as well! I think Tim and I will have to take a trip down there sometime, I LOVED it.

A day on the town, it happened to be the Annual Fish Festival!

May began the wedding season for us as well as Alex's (Tim's little brother) High School Graduation. The first weekend we went home to celebrate the wedding of Kara Boyd & Cody Hilburn. We had a great time, and Tim got to catch up with a lot of friends from high school. The next few weeks I worked in Topeka and Tim at the Fire Station. May 17th was graduation day so we were back home in Phillpsburg. Many family members were able to make in to celebrate with Alex on his big day! With all of my training the past few years we had missed the annual Thanksgiving get together, so it was awesome to get to see lots of Aunt, Uncles, and cousins that we hadn't seen in some time.

Dennis, Alex, & Tim on Graduation Day!!

Tim & I at The Hilburn Wedding
It seems as summer arrives things always get crazy. For me at work, June was full of large scale inspection. That being said I spent a lot of the beginning of the month in Topeka. On June 13th it was back home for another wedding. This time it was to celebrate with Ashleah Smith and Isaac Riffel. Tim was (and still is) great friends with both of them and was honored to be a groomsman in the wedding. Next came my birthday on the 17th and our 4 year anniversary on the 18th! I can't believe as I write this we are quickly approaching the 5 year mark!!! The following week I was headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico for 2 weeks to be part of an AF exercise. It was a great opportunity and I learned SO MUCH!

Tim & I at the Riffel Wedding

Betsy & I out for the evening in NM

This month our wedding adventures took us to St. Paul, Minnesota. One of my very best friends, Kristi Ahlberg was getting married to her prince charming, Dan Sieben! Kristi and I were in the same class at pilot training and became wonderful friends. I am so thankful that they found each other and that we were able to be a part of their day. The added bonus was that many of our other friends from pilot training were also able to make it, so we all got to celebrate together. Tim and I decided to spend a few extra days in the city to take it all in, including our first segway tour! Dorks, yes, but it was tons of fun. After being home for a while and going with life as normal, I had a weekend work trip to California. I had never been so was excited to mark another state off my list. We got to spend the day in San Diego and enjoy the sunny weather before heading back home! And of course with it being July, that only means one thing KS BIGGEST RODEO!! We headed home on the 29th so we could be there for part of the county fair and take in the biggest event of the year.

We had to make it in time for the Bachelorette Party!!

Tim & I on the Riverboat for the wedding reception, it was awesome!

Starting the month off back home is always a plus! We did have to head home on the 2nd though and get back to reality! Rodeo is always a great time and we love getting to see all our old friends, our family, and our Chanute friends that go with us are beginning to love it just as much as us. The next weekend we were headed back west to Hays this time for Kelsey Wood and Jordan Kings wedding. It was another reunion of many of our friends and of course we had a great time. The last weekend of the month my Parents as well as Patrick and Megan came to stay with us. I deployed in Sept and this was our last free weekend to see them before I left. We had a blast, between Patrick helping us with our "roping" skills and Tim "perfecting" Patricks golf swing!!

Hanging out with Patrick after rodeo!
The beginning of the month was pretty quiet for me, and I was able to be in Chanute most of the time. Tim kept busy at the fire station, but we both couldn't wait for the 14th to arrive! It was VACATION time. We hadn't been on an actual vacation for about 2 years. Though we had done our fair of traveling, this was the first trip that was for no other reason than fun, and with NO schedule. We were of to California to experience wine country. We went with some of our best friends from here in Chanute. We spent a week there taking in Napa, Sonoma, and spent a day in San Fransisco. The weather was beautiful, the company, fantastic, and the wine plentiful!! After we got home and got unpacked, Tim and I took a week to hang out and then I would be deploying for about 45 days. I left on the 26th and would get back home in November. It was a really good experience and I got a TON of flight time. Tim stayed very busy while I was gone. He worked many extra hours at the fire dept as well as EMS. We were quite fortunate that we got to chat almost everyday. Being there for such a "short" time really puts into perspective what those that are there for 6-18 months must be going through. I am so blessed that I have Tim to keep things going at home while I am away. I could NEVER do it without him.

Tim, Me, Marcia & Ken Lickteig at our first wine tasting room in Napa

Pretty much it spelled W-O-R-K ----W-O-R-K---W-O-R-K!!! Except for the Guys weekend to a Broncos game. Tim, Matt, one of his friends from Chanute, and his best friend Curt went out and stayed the weekend. Tim and Curt have been going to games together since they were young, and since we have moved here Matt has joined as well. For as long as Tim and Curt have been going to games, they have walked by the hotel that is RIGHT next to the stadium saying, 'sometime we are going to tailgate all weekend and just stay there!" Well, they finally got their way. They had a great time and I though it was a guys weekend, I won't lie I wish I would have gone. Someday!!
The 4th of November I got to put my feet back on KS soil, and Tim and I both were SO excited. We had been apart for long periods of time before, and though you know what to expect, it is still never fun. Tim took off the week after I got home so that we could hang out, and I was off for pretty much the rest of the month. It was great to be home and just be able to chill. We were able to be in Goodland, KS this year for Thanksgiving. This is a tradition that we have missed the last few years, and to be back out there and see all of the family was fantastic. After being in Goodland for a few days we headed back to Phillipsburg to spend a few days with my side of the family.

Flying over Afghanistan

Well, if you are still reading this really really long post, Good Job you have made it to December and we are almost done!! December for us brought another deployment, to Turkey this time. I would be there through the New Year. I again got some good flying time in, and Tim worked many hours while I was gone. It was of course no fun not to be home for the holidays, but we had a wonderful belated Christmas when I got back. He gave himself an early Christmas gift, and bought a "new to him" truck while I was gone. He now drives a maroon Dodge Mega-cab, and loves it. I feel like I am driving a semi when I actually get to drive it!
Well, there ya have it. Our 2009 in review. It was a great year filled with many blessings. Though we sometimes feel that we meeting coming and going we wouldn't change it for the world!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here we go.....

So I am finally doing it! I have thought about starting a blog for some time, but honestly just kept putting it off. UNTIL NOW!! While I was recently deployed, I found that I really enjoyed reading the blogs of friends (Tara, you are my movitavtion!). It helped me to feel like I was a bit closer to home and still connected with what was going on in thier lives. Hopefully, this blog will do the same for our family and friends. I hope you all enjoy it!