Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It has been a busy last few weeks!

So almost a month has passed since my last blog....what a slacker I have been, so sorry!  However, other than work not much has been going on with us.  We thankfully are both back to being healthy and over what was hopefully the only colds of the season!  To catch you all up....Tim has been doing his thing at the Fire Station and had a class this weekend.  I think it was on pre-hospital trauma care (but not 100% sure), it was offered at the hospital and will benifit him both at EMS and at the Fire Station.  He passed the test this afternoon, which is nice to actually know now, rather than have to wait weeks like may of his classes go. Right now he is looking forward to a week long training in Salina that he will go to at the end of March.

As for me,  I have been pretty busy with work.  Last Thursday I finally got my checkride completed.  I am very glad that is over and done for another year.  I even had a beautiful weather day to take it on which always makes things easier.  The week before that I was TDY to Elmendorf  Air Force Base Alaska.  They have a C-17 unit there, so we went up to work with them for the week.  They have to stay current on air refueling, so we go fly training missions with them in order to accomadate their training.  We flew every day (Monday-Friday) and it was beautiful the whole time.  It snowed on us the first day that we got there, which was Super Bowl Sunday.  We did make it to a bar in time to see the halftime act and the second half.  Beyond that first day, I think it was warmer there than it was back here in KS, and with no wind the snow just sits so peacefully.  I do have to say that watching thier snow removal process is pretty impressive....the equipment they have is huge!  Like I said we flew everyday, so we didn't have a lot of time to spare.  We usually were done and back to our rooms by about 2-3:00 pm.  So then we would go find some lunch/dinner and hang out for a while before getting back and going to bed for our early wake up the next morning.  One afternoon after flying we did make it to a near by ski resort.  The guys were thrilled to be on the slopes for a while, even though the weather was rainy at the base of the mountain and blizarding at the top where they said they couldn't even see 20 feet!  I decided to just hang out in the lodge and have some hot coco and read a book!  We were all happy!  One of the best parts of the trip was that I got to see a great friend from high school, Bob Reece.  He has been up there for probably about 7ish years, and I had never had the chance to visit him, so this was perfect.  We got to go to dinner and a hang out a few nights.  It was great to catch up with him, and have a tour of Anchorage from a local.  I look forward to seeing him (and hopefully Erin, his girlfriend) in August at rodeo!  We also decided that Tim and I need to go up and visit during the summer when there is SO much to do there!!

These are just of few of the pictures from while we were flying! Beautiful!!

We went and saw Lake Hood (a sea port), there was TONS of general aviation planes there. It was awsome!