Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its a......

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, I definatly did!! Tim is at work at the fire station today with his shift and he also worked yesterday for one of the other guys that needed the day off!  So the puppies and I have been taking care of things here at home. 

We had a great week with some VERY exciting news that came as a suprise on Tuesday!  I had been in Topeka on Monday flying, for the 1st time in just one day over a month, I am so glad that my waiver is complete and I am back to flying, I missed it!!  After my flight on Monday, I came home to spend the day Tuesday before I had to go back that afternoon for a night flight. 

Tim and I were lounging on Tuesday morning when his cell phone rang and it was our friend Matt. He just asked, "How far along exactly is your wife"  Tim told him 16 weeks and 5 days....Matt said I will call ya back and click.  At this point we didn't really know the reason for his call.  A few minutes later he called back and said that Shambri was at work, she works in the x-ray dept at the hospital, and had been talking with the girls in OB and they were demonstrating a new sonogram machine and they needed girls to come in to "practice" on.  Shambri called a few minutes later and told me that if I wanted to do it to be there at about 11:00!! I was beyond excited, because she said that they should be able to tell the gender of our baby!!!  I had just been complaining to Tim that it was going to be SO hard to wait the next month until we could find out at our appoitment in the latter part of May!  For me the timing worked out perfectly!  I had plenty of time to go to the sonogram and then relax a bit before having to head back to Topeka.  The only downfall was that Tim had already committed to going on a transfer for the hospital at 10:30, so he would not be able to be there with me.  We talked about it and said that we would have the lady doing the ultrasound put the results in an evelope and we would look at it together that night....well I was less than clear with how I wanted it to work and as she was looking at baby she said "It looks like a ------ to me!"  I was so excited at that point that I didn't care that I knew already.  I did feel really bad, however, when  I called Tim afterwards to tell him the news.  I think that is when it hit me that he had missed it.  He will be at our next one though, and I don't think it will be any less exciting at that point than it was the first time!  But now for what you all really want to see...
Sweet little profile picture

Side shot of the whole body.  Leg is bent and hand it at babys face. 

Little foot!

AND IT"S A .....

We are beyond excited!  It is so fun already to hear Tim talk about his daughter!  I do have to say that his first response was, "This just got a lot more expensive!!"  Though that maybe true, I have done great so far and restricted myself from buying all of the ADORABLE baby girl clothes!  Be assured though that when they start to put out fall clothes, I will be taking advantage of the spring and summer clearance racks! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrating Baby Girl Dreiling!

Two weeks ago I got to be a part of on of my very best friends, Lindsey Dreiling's, baby shower to help her to continue to  welcoming thier baby girl, who is due to arrive here around 4 weeks!  I was at pilot training in Mississippi when She and Kenton got married, so I missed all of her showers and parties.  I did get to be there at the wedding to stand up with her, however, since I had missed out on being close to the earlier  I REALLY didn't want to miss her baby shower, and this milestone in her life! 

Lindsey and I met in college and KSU-Salina and were both in the aviation program.  We clicked right away and have been very close ever since.  She was the first person that I told when we found out that we were going to have a little one ourselves.  I can't think of anyone I would rather share this experience with.  I am so thrilled that our little ones will get to grow up together and hopefully become as close and her and I have.

Flying at KSU-Salina!!

Us at the shower!

The best part about the shower weekend...the shower was a brunch on Sunday morning, so I went up the evening before and we got to hang out!  Kenton had his diaper party on Saturday night so all the boys were out at that.  Lindsey and I got to just sit at thier house and chat and chat and chat!  I don't think we had had that opportunity in years!!

This was one of the last times that we had gotten to hang out.  They had made the LONG trip to MS for my Graduation from Pilot Training! April 4, 2008!!

Lindsey and Kenton, we wish you all the best and are SO looking forward to welcoming Baby Dreiling!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A little catch up!

At some point I will get the hang of doing this on a weekly basis....well, I hope anyway! We are now at 16 weeks and 1 day!  The last week or so, I have actually been feeling back to my normal self.  It is so nice to have energy again.  I think we have gotten more projects knocked off the list in the past week that we did in the first 13!  Yesterday and today have been a bit rough, but I am hoping that a nap after this blog is done will be the ticket to feeling better!

It is so much fun now that the secret is out and we can talk about it whenever and tell whomever.  I feel like I am slowly getting past the "she ate to much stage," and on to the baby bump stage, which is exciting.  I have found a few new shirts to add to my closet.  I didn't realize how tailored most of my tops are, they still fit but are a bit tighter than before.  I have a few pairs of pants that I have been sticking too, mainly because I know that they will fit and I guess I just feel better about myself if I am not putting on jeans that are to tight!  However, I am very excited that (do I dare say) spring has sprung, so I am able to go back to living in sun dresses, and alot of the ones I already have will take me down the road a few months!  Here are a few picts to update you:
14 weeks and Miss Maggie

15 weeks, I think this day was a bit decieving...I don't think I look this "round" in the 16 week pict

And this is  16 weeks

We have our next appointment on 21 April (next Wednesday), it should be short and sweet.  Then the countdown will be on to our appointment in May, in which we should be able to find out what we are having!!  I don't remember if I said it in my last post,but at first we were really thinking that we would probably not find out what "Sprinkles" is.  However, the more my OCD takes over, and the more excited we get, I don't think Tim or I, either one, can wait until Sept/Oct to find out who we are welcoming into our home. 

You may have noticed that Sprinkles is the tag name baby has been given.  We had gone over to some friends house for dinner a few weeks back and were discussing "baby"  They have a 5 year old girl, whom we were asking the opinion it a boy or girl...what should we name it?  Well, Preston had just had a desert cookie (the ones at WalMart with all the frosting and sprinkles) and she promptly thought that Sprinkles would be a great name, and it kinda stuck.  Tim and I had been thinking about prebaby names and hadn't thought of anything good.  There was always peanut, but that is what everyone uses, so with Preston's help, Sprinkles it is!  I think we had better come up with something else for after Baby R is here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big News!!

Wow, so over a month and no blog....EPIC FAIL on my part.  We have had a lot going on with work, classes (for Tim), and planning for a new addition to the family!!! So after weeks of keeping it a big secret I can finally have something to blog about.  We are going to have our first child, and couldn't be more excited.  Today marks 14 weeks, so I guess I have some updating to do.....

We found out about 10 weeks ago and decided to keep it a secret from EVERYONE until after our first appointment.  We wouldn't have the appt until Feb 24th.   When the big day finally did get there, the appt went great.  We were able to hear the heart beat, which was an amazing experience.  The nurse found it very quickly, it was strong and right on target for that developmental stage...what a relief!

After that we told only our Parents, Silblings, Grandparents and a few close friends.  It was the hardest secret that we have ever had to keep hands down!  The day after the appt we headed home to tell the family, the 24th was my Dad's birthday so we played it off that we were comming home for that....which we were, we just had a really big suprise for his gift! So now not only did we have to keep it quiet, so did our family who was so excited and just busting to tell someone.  However, to their credit, they kept it very quiet.  We wanted to wait until after the first trimester to tell anyone just to be on the safe side. We gave my Dad a bib that said "I love my Grandpa," and a grandparents frame with a note in the photo opening that said "Photo to arrive on or around Oct 1st."  Needless to say, it didn't take them long to put it all together.  Dennis and the Grandma's found out by the shirt that I had made for Maggie (our Golden Retriever) to wear to announce the news.

Dad taking it all in...this was the Grandma bib I got to go with his gift so Mom wasn't left out!

The shirt that Maggie spread the news in, Hunter (our Corgie) had one as well, but his was HUGE, so he didn't wear it as easily!

So to fast forward to now, I am starting to feel better.   From about week 6-13 I felt nauseous alot in the early mornings and then again in the evenings, and realisticially most times in between as well.  I got to be great friends with water and crackers. Before I also never really understood when expecting women would say they have just been so tierd...WOW now I do!!  It was all it could do to make it to the couch in the evenings.  Tim would keep me awake to eat something for dinner and then I would usually crash out by 9:00 pm.  We found quickly that if I feel asleep on the couch and then got up the "evening sickness" would really kick in.  So Tim being the amazing guy he is, would go and lay down with me until I feel asleep (about 3 seconds) then would get up or watch tv or just not be a bum and go to bed so early! Like I said I am starting to feel better, but still get about 10-12 hours of sleep a night! How quickly that will be changing!!  

When I was at work for the most part, I felt really good.  I think it just gave me enough other things to think about that I could push it aside.  Now the evening sickness has pretty much gone away, and the mornings are getting better too.  I still can't leave much time between getting up and eating breakfast, but as long as I do that things seem to be much better. 

People seem to ask, what have you been craving, what gets ya through the day, etc.  Honestly, I haven't really had any real cravings, more aversions...unfortunatly, most of them are not realized until the food is in front of me..Poor Tim.  He will always say, "what would you like for dinner?" He will make whatever only for me to not be able to eat it once finished cooking.  My standby has deffinatly been peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Pretty sure that was all I ate for a few weeks, and am actually still not sick of them!  Tim was awsome when I would have to leave early for work.  He would get up with me, and while I got/get ready he prepares my lunch; normally peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, carrots, string cheese.  Those seemed to be foods that kept my stomach from turning.  I am so thankful that I have such a supportive husband and I couldn't have done these past few weeks with out him!  He was gone for training to Salina last week, and I thought I was going to loose it!! ( He did have a great time at his class, and learned alot!  I will let him blog on that)  I think that pretty much catches you all up.  I will now be better at blogging since I have something to talk about now!  Even those infamous belly shots, that I am still not sure I want the world to see!

Here we go...4.5 weeks

9 weeks

11 weeks, the hip bones are starting to fade!

We have had our 2nd appointment.  I went last week and it was short and sweet.  Tim was at his class so was unable to be at that one.  I was literally in and out in 20 minutes!  I heard the heart beat again, which is still healthy and beating along.  She just used the little hand held maching with sound ( please excuse my great medical terminology!!), and again found it very quickly.  All my blood work from the 1st appt came back great so no worries for us! THANK GOD!!!!!  We are truely blessed to be adding to our family and can't wait to share this experience with you all! PS...Mommies out there feel free to pass on any words of wisdom that you may have....I am SURE I will need it! Also I will get the 12 and 14 week picts up soon!