Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Monday, September 27, 2010

39 Weeks

We are finally almost there!!!!  When I think back over the past 9+ months, it really has flown by.  Some days definitely took longer than others, and I wondered if the nausea would ever cease, but other days were wonderful.  Her first movements, when there was actually a baby bump (now mountain) and not just a question of "has she gained some weight?" to telling family and friends of our exciting news.  Through it all we have constantly been reminded of the miracle of life and how precious it it, and just how blessed we are as a family to have such love and support from everyone around us.  We are so excited to welcome her into this world and begin our journey as Parents.  And fortunately for all of you, the belly pictures are almost done and they will soon be replaced with cute baby girl photos!!

But until then here is 39 weeks:

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get so close to her arrival.  We have a Dr.'s appointment on Wednesday so we will keep you posted. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Say Cheese...

We decided that we would do another "photo shoot" since my belly is significantly bigger at 38weeks than it was the last time we did one (which was just over 30 weeks).  Tim has been so so busy lately, and it was nice to finally have an evening with him, so before football consumed the evening we went to snap some pictures.  He did a great job with them.  We still have a few more ideas of pictures we want to capture, so I think that will be the plan on Tuesday, unless we welcome our Little Miss before that!  We also are going to try and grab a friend to come with us so that Tim can be in some of the photos as well and not just me!  Stay tuned for those later this week.

38 Weeks

Any day now we could be welcoming our little girl, we can hardly wait!!  I am still feeling pretty well, but really ready to hold her in our arms, and not in my belly!!  However, other than being uncomfortable , I haven't really had anything to complain about, no heartburn, I am sleeping fairly well, and just am tired alot. 

We had our last appointment this past Wednesday, and our Dr, said this baby is in no hurry to get here.  Darn it!  Guess, this is a lesson for us in patience, one that will will have to use alot over the coming years.  Dr. Taylor will be going out of town next Saturday and be gone until the following Wednesday, so that will be when we go into labor!  We really would like to not have to induce to get things going, simply because statistics say it is a longer and harder labor and birth, and we figure when she is ready she will let us know.  We know it is so common now, but just don't feel like it is something that we want to do unless we are overdue or it is medically necessary.  We also know that the odds of a c-section increase with induction, which again we don't want to do unless medically necessary.  Hopefully, we have made some progress when we go to our appointment on Wednesday.  Keep saying your prayers for us for a healthy, happy baby with a smooth labor and delivery!

Here is the 38 week picts:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tim's Diaper Party!

Last Saturday, 11 Sept, Tim had his diaper party.  It turned out to be a great time for him and many of his friends.  For those that haven't heard or been to a diaper party, here's the deal:  basically it is a good reason for a bunch of guys to get together to eat, drink, and just have fun....and they bring a pack of diapers. 

It was held at our house, and the weather was beautiful (thank goodness) so about 25ish of his friends came over and hung out all evening in the backyard.  Tim smoked pork tenderloin and brisket (I think), had potato salad, and lots of beer, and beer munchies!  He also decided that he would have the "baby" cigars that night since getting all of the guys together after baby maybe a bit harder.  I don't remember the name of the ones he ended up picking out, but I do know that he was NOT going to do the "It's a Girl" ones from the start...he says those are nasty.  He had called a cigar shop in Topeka on Monday when I was up there and picked some out, so all I had to do was go and pick them up before I left town. 

While he was having his guys night I decided to stay away and go to dinner with some friends. Ashleah (Isaac's wife) came as well so she got to meet some of my friends and go with us.  We hung out for a while after dinner and then we were both exhausted so headed back to the house.  Our bedroom window looks out to the patio, where the guys were, so sleep was a bit hard, but it was nice to hear them all laughing and having a good time together!  And I was tired enough, that I still managed to get to sleep fairly quick!

Here is a photo recap of the night:

Tim and Curt...Curt drove all the way from Colby, KS! So glad he could be here to celebrate with Tim.

Tim & his Dad, Dennis.  He made the trip from Phillipsburg.

Doug, Tim's Uncle; Tim; & Dennis.  Doug made the trip from Bushton, also so glad he could make it!

Luke & "Carlos"  perfect shirt for a diaper party!

 Hanging out!

 John & Jeff

Father Bernie and Jim

Shawn & Ken

Tim & Larry 

 Curt, Isaac (from KC) & Tim.  Thanks for making the trip guys!

 Tim and his Dad

The A- Team.
Jeff, Tim, Matt, John, & Luke..this is all the guys on Tim's shift at the Fire Dept. 

 Isaac brought "party favors" for everyone. They got shirts, jerseys, and Greinke bobble heads!

 TONS of diapers & wipes....and a bottle of crown! (thanks Father)

Tim had such a good time, and we hope that everyone that attended did as well.  I am so glad that he was able to have a night with the guys and hopefully we can all do it again soon....and you don't even  have to bring diapers next time!

Monday, September 13, 2010

37 Weeks, 3 to go!!

We are getting so close to meeting our Little Girl and we can hardly wait!! Each day we get more and more excited (and maybe a bit nervous).  We have been doing our weekly appointments for the last 2 weeks. So far not a lot of progress, but everything also still looks good.  Last Wednesday at our appointment her heartbeat was a steady 154, and my blood pressure was at 100/70.  Again we are so thankful that Baby and I have stayed so healthy throughout the pregnancy.  Sure there were days I was miserable, but I know that we are truly blessed to have had a complication free pregnancy, just keep praying that labor and delivery go just as smoothly. 

I have a couple of days left at work, and as long as I feel up to it, I should get them done this week.  That is one of the many wonderful things about my job.  If I wake up and don't feel up to driving into Topeka, I don't, if I feel good then I can be on my way.  I am so grateful to have such a flexible job and one that I love.  Over the last week when the weather has been BEAUTIFUL and the jets are filling up the pattern I find myself really starting to miss flying.  I know it will be more than worth the break, I have NO doubt about that, but I will be looking forward to getting back in the jet too!

Here is the 37 week pictures:

Tim has though from the start that we would be meeting our Little One early...I am hoping that he is right as long as she is happy and healthy.  If you go by "family history" it is kind of a wash...I arrived 3 weeks early, however, my brother was 1 week late.  Guess time will tell!

36 Weeks

So, like normal I am behind; here is the 36 week pictures:

bigger....I think yes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready and Waiting.....

Or as ready as you  can be for Baby!!  So I think we are pretty much ready for the arrival of our Little Miss.  We made a run to Kansas City yesterday for some last minute items, and hopefully that will be the last time we go before She arrives.  I will have to check in Topeka for a couple of things that we didn't find, but all in all it was a successful day.  And it is fun to shop with Tim when he is actually enjoying it!  Looks like he already likes to shop "with" his little girl more than his wife!!

The nursery is set and we LOVE how it has turned out.  I will still be watching for little things to go on shelves (of course), but other than that we are done!  And I know I have said that I will post pictures so that is what you are about to get! I just went and snapped some photos, so here you go....

View as you walk into her room, I can't wait to have actual pictures of her to go in the frames.  We found the crib and dresser (will see in following pictures) at USA Baby in Overland Park. The glider/recliner is from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

New window blinds (great deal at WalMart), and the curtains, they were a great find, $6 a panel from Target.  I sewed the pink ribbon on the bottom, and really like how it turned out.  We are starting to have a few things to put on the top of the cornice box.

We decided to go with a dresser instead of a changing table, so that it could grow with her.  The mirror I found online (can't remember the website), the flowers I have actually had since we moved here 5 years ago, and they go perfectly in her room.  The lamp is from Gordmans (love that place) and then her piggy bank and scentsy has a lavender scent in it now..we will see if that is really a calming scent in a few weeks!

The bedding! Finally, and it was SO worth the wait.  I love how it looks with the dark wood of her furniture!  Like I said before, I ordered it off of  If any of you want to know the exact dealer I went through let me know!  It did take about 12-14 weeks to get it, so order early.

It did come with a pink fitted sheet, but one of our friends made us a couple of crib sheets as well.  The flower matches the flowers of the bedding, it's perfect!

Pretty sure we will be spending plenty of time in the glider/recliner.  The pink afghan was a handmade shower gift from a dear friend.  The side table, candle, and greenery I already had!

Starting the toy collection early, now if we can just make Hunter and Maggie understand that those aren't their toys!  Good thing they just like to carry them around when they do get to them.

These are one of my favorite finds, also from etsy.  They are closet divider, to keep her clothes organized by size. 0-3; 3-6; 6-9; 9-12; 12-18; 18-24.  I think it will be just one small thing that will make our lives easier!

SO excited to play dress up every day!! I would be lying if I said her dresser was empty!  And yea, those are my uniforms on the right side, I am trying to figure out where else they can fit so they are out of her closet.

So there ya have it, a sneak peak into our Little Girls room,!  Now we just need her here to complete it!! 

I still need to get our 36 week picture taken and posted...a bit behind!  As for an update from our appointment last Wednesday, it was pretty short and simple.  Her heartbeat was right at 148 beats per minute and my blood pressure still whole 100/60.  We are so grateful that we have not had to deal with added medical issues or problems throughout the pregnancy, making it so much less stressful and enjoyable!  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers our we near the arrival of our Baby Girl!  We have an appointment Wednesday, so hope for some progress! We will keep you posted!