Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun

Yesterday after many days of working and general craziness we all finally had a day at home together.  It was bliss!  We had a great day just enjoying each others company and relaxing.  We headed next door for a swim in the late afternoon.  Tenley normally LOVES the water, but yesterday we were just a bit out of sorts, so I only got a few pictures.  I adore seeing her and Tim together. Melts my heart!

Just Because...

...she is so dang cute!

and I might add that she was somewhat positioned for these in her crib, however we will soon be dropping the mattress. 

A trip to Mommy's office

Over June drill the air museum down the road from base held an airshow.  They had multiple booths, and a few jets/airplanes on static display.  The 190th had a jet on show, so we took the opportunity to "show" Miss Tenley.  Don't know that she cared, but we had fun. 

Also on display was a C-130 from St. Joe Missouri. We should have gotten some pictures of that as well, because one of my very best friends was on the crew that brought the jet down.  It was great getting to see Mark and meet the rest of the crew he was there with. 

Our little Family!

Tenley looks cute, I look tired..

8 Months


16 lbs 12 ozs.

Rolling ALL over

Debating about crawling.

Eating anything we introduce to her.

Chatting all the time!

Still sleeping wonderfully.

Light of our lives!


Taking the pictures with her month sign is getting more difficult each month, so this is what we got. It is her, fun and into everything.  A memory doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be the moment. Lord knows we are loving everyone with our sweet girl!

Hanging with Grandpa Dennis & Working Full Time

Drill weekend in May brought a first for me...I went without Tim or Tenley.  Since she was born we have all 3 been going to Topeka for the weekend so that I didn't have to leave her.  However, some ago Tim had agreed to work for one of the guys at the Fire Department and at the time didn't realize that it was drill weekend. Not only did he have to work the extra day, but the other day of the weekend was also his to work.  Yay, for a double shift on the weekend...ugg. So it was Grandpa Dennis to the rescue.  He was more than happy to come down for the weekend to take care of spoil his sweet Granddaughter.  They had such a good time, and leaving her is always hard, but knowing she is in good hands helps.

I had a hard time with the weekend, because the following Monday (May 16) I would be starting full time in Topeka for a few months.  I haven't worked full time since her arrival, and truthfully it was like going back for the first time all over again.  Once I got there and got busy with work it was better, but still tough.  However, with that said I am so grateful for the opportunity to work up there and backfill for others while they are deployed.  Having a job that requires you to be gone is tough, and having one that requires you to deploy is even harder.  Before Tenley was born I was convinced I could do it (deploy), it was in fact my job and one that I really love to do.... however, as my date got nearer the tears came more and more often.  I decided to approach them at work to see if I would by any chance not have to deploy this year.  I am still nursing and was (and am not) ready to stop yet, and the thought of leaving her for an extended period of time at this point was/is heartbreaking.  With the support of great peers and supervisors my wish came true, I would not have to deploy this rotation.  What I would be able to do is backfill at the base while others are taking care of business around the world.  I am truly blessed to have friends that were willing to step up even more that they already had to make it possible for me to stay home.  So each time I start to feel burned out, frustrated with my alarm going off at  4:30 a.m. to start my day, and guilty for leaving Miss Tenely, I remind myself what others are doing so that I have the opportunity to wake up at 4:30, to drive to Topeka for a day of work, and then drive home and  be with my girl..each.night. I am eternally grateful to you all!

(the new daily work schedule is why the posts have been slim lately...I am getting in the swing of things a big more so will do my best to pick up the pace)

Mommy and Me

This one is from Memorial Day, we decided somewhat last minute that we were going to invite people for a BBQ.  I started the evening with good intentions of getting lots of photos...well this is the one and only that we snapped....oops.  On the bright side, it was a beautiful evening and we had a great time with great friends.

Loved little girl

I just found this one on my computer and missed it when I did the wedding weekend post....

So Cute. So Loved. So has us all wrapped around her finger!