Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Mommy-Daddy get away

Road Trip!  It was time for a get-a-way. Tim and I went to Colorado for a long weekend towards the end of October after dropping the girls off with my parents.  We started the trip in Colorado Springs for a AF vs Notre Dame football game and followed the next day with the Broncos vs Redskins. (who would have ever though I would see a weekend of football as an awesome trip?) We had a blast and it was a great time to re-charge.  

Tim has always been a Norte Dame fan so when their schedule put them at the AF Academy it was perfect, even more so because Denver was home the very next day.  I had never been to the Academy, and Tim hadn't for sometime, so we went plenty early on game day to walk around and take it all in.  The weather was fantastic the whole trip and we go to eat real, hot, meals…and not feed anyone else, and sleep all night long, and sleep in…woza…bliss?!

 off we go!

 walking the AF academy

 Name of AF Academy grads on Shell 77.  Gone but never forgotten  

Game Time:

Broncos Game Day!

Hanging out in the Stadium Club and having an awesome meal before the game!

1st Day of Pre-School!

So it begins (well began on Nov 8th, 2013).  Tenley is a pre-schooler!  She is attending St. Patricks Catholic pre-school and she LOVES it beyond words and so do we!  She wasn't old enough at the to start at the beginning of the actual school year, but they allow them to begin once they turn 3.  It just worked out that as we were celebrating her 3rd birthday we got an email that there was a spot available in the 3 year old class.  I am not going to lie, I was very hesitant to send her (what my baby is old enough and won't be home with me?!), but Tim was sure it was the right move.  Tenley, well, she was PUMPED!  She was so excited at the mere mention of going to school that it eased Momma's nerves a bit.

She is completely thriving there and has made many new friends.  It is so much fun to have her come home and tell us about her "day" (she goes for 2.5 hrs, 3 times a week)  Not to mention the songs, prayers, skills, and smiles it brings daily!

on our way to the 1st day of school

 off she goes, I am not sure if I see a baby in diapers or a girl off to college… 

 Her teacher, Mr. Carroll helping her get set with her own cubby

the face of a girl who is humoring Momma and ready to have some fun :)

 celebratory 1st day lunch out

and the 1st day photo shoot:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brecken's Baptism

So, as I was looking through photos and realized I am to November, but hadn't found Brecken's Baptism photos yet I had to start to hunt.   Found them, but Mom you really need to fix the date on your camera so I am not so confused….It is a year ahead…..

We are so beyond blessed to have gotten to share with special day (June 22, 2013) with our family and dear friends.  Furthermore, to have Father Bernie be the one to baptize Brecken, as he did Tenley as well.  AND (yes there's more) to have our dear friends the Kelly's host a lovely dinner and celebration for all of us afterward at their home.

Kenton and Lindsey Dreiling are her Godparents and they have been close friends of ours since I met Lindsey in college.  Our lives have definitely changed since the college days, but now with 2 sweet girl each we can't imagine it any other way.