Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Visit to the South!

Since graduation  from pilot training in Mississippi over 2 years ago, we had yet to make a trip back down to Columbus to see our friends that are still stationed at CAFB.  Well, last weekend we finally changed that!  We figured it is much easier to travel now than it will be in a few months.  We left early Thursday morning and got to Columbus, MS at about 7:00 that evening.  I did pretty well on the drive and didn't have to make to many extra stops, I think Tim was a little worried about that!  We stayed with one of my best friends Kristi, who was in my class in pilot training and is now a T-1 instructor.  She and her husband, Dan, are also expecting their first baby...also a girl!  They are due about a week before us, Sept 20th (ish).  We hadn't seen her since their wedding last summer!  Dan is stationed in New Jersey right  now, but hopefully that changes SOON!  We are all praying for good news for them! Our other great friend, Alan, came by after getting done with his night flight. He was a few classes behind us, and is now an instructor in the T-6.  

Friday, both Kristi and Alan had to work so Tim and I made a quick trip over to Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a "beer run."  They sell Yingling there and Tim (as well of many of his friends here) love it so we stocked up!  We got back to Columbus in time for lunch at the Little Kitchen.  This place is a "southern gem"  It is right outside the back gate of the Air Force Base.  You can have American or Chinese and all in trailer houses that have been connected!  Two for seating and one for cooking (I think).  Sounds kinda crazy, but they do have really great food!!  After dinner Tim and I drove around on base to see what had changed in the last 2 years.  When we drove through our old neighborhood, we were surprised to find that our house had been torn down and now they are preparing to build new ones.  Kinda sad, there were a lot of memories made there, but also good to see the base moving forward!  That evening we took in an Assignment night at the Officers club.  An assignment night happens for each class shortly before graduation day, this is where all of the active duty students find out what airframe they will go to next...they get to fill out a "dream sheet" that has their preferences, but nothing is guaranteed until it is put up on a media screen for them and everyone else to see at the same time!  While you are waiting to find your fated assignment you get grilled on all of the stupid things you may (or may not) done over the past year.  Good Times!  After that we headed for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which was a first for me since we found out we were expecting.  I had somewhat of an aversion, but I think for the most part it has passed....except for Spanish rice...that still makes me cringe.  The night wrapped up with a walk for the pregnant ladies (and Tim) then we took in a movie...The Backup Plan, it was hilarious, and I recommend it to anyone!

This was a billboard that we saw while in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!  I missed it the first time we drove by, so Tim went back so we could get a picture! Priceless!

Saturday was picture perfect!  We couldn't have asked for better weather to take in the annual Market Street Festival.  Kristi, Tim, and I went and then we met Alan and his girlfriend, Amanda (whom we meet the night before) down there to enjoy the day.  Fortunately, Tim and Alan could people watch while Kristi, Amanda, and I shopped!  They have an awesome store called Fashion Barn that always has the cutest spring/summer dresses so since I hadn't been there in 2 years, I figured that was a good reason to make up for lost time!!  We had a great time taking in the displays, booths, and eating anything fried or on a stick that you can fathom!  That evening the Scarlato family (who was in pilot training with us as well) came up from Meridian, MS to visit as well.  It was so good to see Mike, Meghan, and their adorable girls, Sarah and Beth! We all went over to Alan's for a bbq and Tim would add to see his new TV....I don't know how big it is, but the guys were more that impressed!

Kristi, Alan, and I

Kristi & I

Meghan, Sarah, and Kristi @ Alan's house

Happy Couple!

Alan and I

Amanda & Alan (So cute)

Sunday was a short day in MS because we had to get on the road at at good time.  Kristi, Tim and I got up and went to church then had dinner at Cafe on Main, this was a weekly Sunday tradition for Kristi and I while in training!  I would be a liar if I said there weren't some tears through the service.  It was just so nice to be back and to know that we have made it so far since we first started going to Sunday service together over 2 years ago!! 

After lunch we were back to Kristi's to pack up the truck and head for home!  This time the trip was a bit rough on me.  I wasn't able to sleep at all and just seemed to be uncomfortable pretty much the whole time.  If anything at least Tim and I had time to just chat and hang out together.  As a highlight, I though that maybe I had felt "Sprinkles" move a couple of times but wasn't 100% sure. However, on the way home I think she had the hiccups or was jamming out because I could feel a "hiccup or kick" for about 5 minutes straight, Tim was even able to feel it!! SO EXCITING!!  Here is a few picts from the weekend!

Me at 19 weeks & Kristi at 20 (My baby bump is kind of deceiving in this pict, which you will see in the 20 week picture...I look huge here!)

All smiles..for now, I haven't had to say bye to Kristi yet :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

17 and 18 weeks

Well, now that I am feeling so much better, the time is flying by!  Don't get me wrong I still LOVE to sleep, but now at least when I am awake I have energy and feel like being productive!  We have been doing some traveling over the last couple of weeks.  The first weekend in May we went back home to Phillipsburg and our friends Matt and Shambri Miller came with us.  It was high school rodeo weekend there, and Shambri's newphew was competing so we went and supported him and got in some great time with family and friends (I will get those picts posted tomorrow!)  Then this past weekend we made the trip back to Columbus, MS where I went to pilot training for the AF.  Two of my closest friends are stationed there as instructors so we went to visit them, those picts are also on their way.  However, for now here are the bump picts from 17 and 18 weeks!
17 weeks and counting!

18 weeks, and feeling like I have "popped!"

18 weeks, take 2