Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st Trip to the Farm

While back in Phillipsburg we spent alot of time on the farm, I was excited that the weather finally warmed up enough to take Tenley down to the farm for a while (and play in the snow, picts of that to follow).  Grandpa was down doing chores so we went to join him for a while. 

I am so grateful that she will grow up knowing what farm life is like and gaining the values that in instills.  It was such a huge part of my life and still is today.  Mom and Dad when you read this I hope that you know that I really was listening all the time growing up about how I needed to work with my animals, help around the house/farm and pull my weight.  Now that we have a little one to mold, we couldn't be more grateful that she will have such wonderful role models in you both to teach her all of the valuable lessons that you taught her Mommy!  Not a day goes by that Tim and I don't think about or wish that we were closer to home and our families.  Don't get me wrong, we love it in Chanute and the friends and "family" that we have here are fantastic.  We are just thankful that with our jobs we are able to take a week at a time and head home.    We miss you already and had such a wonderful visit!

I also have to giggle that I am sure Dad knew this picture was inevitable when we got out of the truck with the camera in hand, glad he has a soft spot for his girls and would humor me!

We love you Dad/Grandpa, you are one of the most important men in our lives!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Little Valentine

We went back  home for the week before Valentine's Day and Miss Tenley got a few early Valentine gifts.  When we went to take pictures with her Valentine Caterpillar from Grandma and Grandpa Chester I found that my camera batteries were completely dead...parent fail!  So my mom has all of those pictures on her camera and I will have to get them (or just take some more!)  However, Great Grandma Abby (Hanke) brought her a Princess Pillow and here is a few shots from that.

(a lot over exposed, but still cute)

got the manual settings set better on these, slowly but surely I will master this camera!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 Months Old

Time is flying by, we I can't believe how fast time is going.  I swear that we just brought our sweet newborn home, and now we  have a 4 month old. ( I am aware that I will probably say this each and every month).  She has been so much fun from the start and it is becoming so much more interactive with each and every day. 

Over the last month we have discovered our toes and found out how much fun it is to put them in our mouth, learned just how many new noises and "words" she can make, most of our vowels and ga-ga-ga, and the music to our ears is the sweetest little giggle you have ever heard.  She is still such a sweet and laid back baby that is so easy to please.  Her smiles are endless each day, and we are so thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful baby. Our schedule is so consistent now and she is pretty much like a little clock, which Mommy loves (I may have an issue with schedules, planning, lists...possibly OCD if you ask Tim).  I tried to do so much better this month grabbing the camera for random events rather than just the "big" things (which isn't everything "big" with your 1st child?") When I looked at her 3 month pictures and there weren't enough (hundreds) it made me sad so now Mommy is on hyperdrive with the camera!  With that here is some of the 4 month photo shoot pictures:

here is the promised "toe" pictures (and in the same night as the "Toes" posts, a personal record)

February 3, 2011
13 lbs and 13 ozs
24 3/4 inches

The days of sitting the sign next to her and clicking are over...we have discovered it is way more fun to play with it!

Melts my heart each and every day


Our new found love....TOES....

I was at work for the day and Tenley was home with Daddy and when I got home we had made an amazing discovery! (they go in our mouth now too, I still have to upload those pictures)

So, I know not toes, but to cute to pass up!

Water Baby

We finally got the opportunity to take Miss Tenley swimming.  We were in Topeka for drill weekend so after work it was off to the pool.  She did SO good, we expected a bit of dislike and crying, but there was none!  Even though she loves every bath we didn't know how it would go when the water was cooler.  We got her in the water and she just took it all in and enjoyed it, however, Tim and I both thought the water was chilly ourselves so we didn't stay in for long.  I just hope that she continues to enjoy the water because Mommy and Daddy love summer days in the pool!

Getting ready for a swim

So far so good...

Loving it

Warm and cozy!