Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 Months Old

Time is flying by, we I can't believe how fast time is going.  I swear that we just brought our sweet newborn home, and now we  have a 4 month old. ( I am aware that I will probably say this each and every month).  She has been so much fun from the start and it is becoming so much more interactive with each and every day. 

Over the last month we have discovered our toes and found out how much fun it is to put them in our mouth, learned just how many new noises and "words" she can make, most of our vowels and ga-ga-ga, and the music to our ears is the sweetest little giggle you have ever heard.  She is still such a sweet and laid back baby that is so easy to please.  Her smiles are endless each day, and we are so thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful baby. Our schedule is so consistent now and she is pretty much like a little clock, which Mommy loves (I may have an issue with schedules, planning, lists...possibly OCD if you ask Tim).  I tried to do so much better this month grabbing the camera for random events rather than just the "big" things (which isn't everything "big" with your 1st child?") When I looked at her 3 month pictures and there weren't enough (hundreds) it made me sad so now Mommy is on hyperdrive with the camera!  With that here is some of the 4 month photo shoot pictures:

here is the promised "toe" pictures (and in the same night as the "Toes" posts, a personal record)

February 3, 2011
13 lbs and 13 ozs
24 3/4 inches

The days of sitting the sign next to her and clicking are over...we have discovered it is way more fun to play with it!

Melts my heart each and every day

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