Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

35 Weeks and Counting

I feel like this week is a big milestone, and we are so excited to have reached it.  The hospital in Chanute has a policy that babies born prior to 35 weeks are sent to a larger hospital (with a NICU), so now that we have passed that point there is a bit of relief.  We have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will post more about where we are at after that and it will then be time for 36 week pictures.  As for now, here is week 35:

Chanute Baby Shower!

Once again friends and family showed us what a loved and lucky little girl we have.  On August 21st we had our baby shower in Chanute.  My dear friends Sharon Kelly and Amy Keating hosted it and it was wonderful!  It was at Sharon's house (next door).  Amy actually ended up having to be at a family reunion so was not able to be there, but her mom, Cheryl, helped out in her place.  My Mom and Dad were able to come down for the weekend so that Mom could be at the shower.  It was so nice to have them here, as always, and to just have a chill weekend with them.  One of my best friends Lindsey, her husband, and daughter Lilly (3 months old) also stayed with us on Saturday night since Salina is a bit of a drive back.  They have been busy with their little bundle of joy so hadn't been able to come down for sometime, but we are so glad that it worked out this time.  Plus then Tim, Dad, and Kenton could hang out while we were at the shower.  Here is a look at the shower:

Yummy cupcakes...Cheryl made pacifiers out of mint lifesavers and candies

Dinner is served!

Mom (Proud Grandma) and I

Marcia and I

Sharon and I, Sara is on the left

We are lucky girls!

Grandma got some gifts too!!

Part of my "mommy survival kit" from Sharon, one of my favorite wines, also included CAFFEINATED coffee, bath beads, tissue, LOVE IT!

Great Friends and Family!

Sharon, myself, and Cheryl

My great friend Lindsey and I.  We were celebrating her baby shower a few months ago!

Brandi, Me, and Sara...great friends from high school who made the trip from Wichita

Me and Miss Marlee

We are so blessed with wonderful Family and Friends and are so greatful for thier support and generocity.  We are so excited for our Little Girl to arrive and see how much she is loved!!

34 Weeks

So after being out of town for work all last week, I am a bit behind on my blogging!  So here we go playing catch up!  I am definatly starting to feel REALLY pregnant, but other than that pretty good....

I was in Little Rock, Arkansas for part of week 34 and week 35.  It was alot of long days of sitting and listening, which I found out quickly got uncomfortable!  Fortunatly, we got breaks about every 50 minutes, and by that time I was ready to walk around and of course a bathroom break!  I was there with another friend of mine from work, Marjie, thank goodness. She was so sweet to help me wtih my bags and make sure that I was feeling well! 

For now here is the 34 week pictures:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are Family

Also part of being home for Rodeo, was getting to spend time with family.  It was so nice to have most of the cousins around and to get to catch up. One of the biggest highlights was finally getting to meet Alex.  He is the son of my cousin Jodie and her husband, Ben.  They live in North Carolina and our timing to both be home at the same time just hadn't worked out yet.  I am so glad that it finally did, Alex is such a good little boy and so so cute.  I hope our little one has his disposition!  My other cousin, Jana, was home from Texas, and we got to see Dustin (who was in the midst of moving to a new house in Glade).  We had such a great time, and hope next year is a repeat!

Grandma with her Grandkids, only missing Kacy

Grandma Connie (my dad's mom)

Ben, Jodie, Alex, and Grandma

Jana, Jodie, Alex, Grandma

Alex and Grandma

Such a cutie!!!

Patrick had to leave for a Ranch Rodeo as soon as we took the group picture so he didn't make it into to many pictures; Dustin and Megan also escaped the camera...Tim was the one clicking and he was trying to get some good shots of Alex.

Phillipsburg Baby Shower!

While we were home for Rodeo, we also got to celebrate our Little Girl's arrival with our 1st baby shower!!! It was such a good time, and we are truly blessed with wonderful friends and family.  So many CUTE outfits, and baby essentials!  Thank you to all of you who made the day so special for us, especially Aunt Terri, Sam Green, and Tara Knowles for putting together such a wonderful afternoon! 

My Wonderful Grandma's!!!


Mom and I

Tara, Me, and Sam

Our Little One is very loved!!

My Mom had this made...I think it is too cute!

My wonderful hostesses and I

33 Weeks!

Another week has zoomed by and with nothing big to report (which I guess is a good thing).  We did have a Dr.'s appointment last Wednesday, and it went well.  Little Miss' heartbeat was right at 150 beats per minute, my blood pressure and weight gain are still on track.  However, I feel like I am packing on the pounds, it seems like something gets harder to accomplish each day, most recently getting my boots on for work has become quite a challenge!  Our little girl is definitely growing!

I was in Topeka alot for work over the past week, and VERY glad to be home for a few days.  It was drill weekend, so that always makes the week seem a bit longer since you have no weekend off.  I will be home through Sunday now, when I will fly to Little Rock, Arkansas with a friend from work to attend a conference all week.  It is for Victim's Advocate training, so I don't think fun is the word I would use for the conference, but it will be interesting.  However, I am sure that Marjie and I will have a great time while we are there.  I also have my shower here in Chanute on Saturday evening and am very excited to see all my friends and celebrate our Little One!

Here is the 33 week belly shot:

So as I was looking through our pictures to find the 33 week I realized that I hadn't posted "pregnant Tim"  We did parenting classes at the hospital here in Chanute.  It was weeks for a few hours on Monday nights.  It was pretty good, and it was fun to see who else was having kids around the same time as us.  The first night the instructor said that the guys would have the "opportunity" to wear the empathy belly, but then as the classes ticked on it never really got brought up again.  To bad for Tim at the end of the last class, I told him he at least had to put it on long enough for some pictures.  So he wore it for about a total of 5 minutes.....not fair!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kansas Biggest Rodeo 2010

Just like every year, the first weekend in August was marked by a trip home for Rodeo.  Though the "ops tempo" was a bit different with me being 8 month pregnant this year we still had a wonderful time.  We were able to be home from 3-9 August.  Sunday the 8th we had our 1st baby shower, and it was AWESOME!  I am in the process of getting pictures collected of that, then will post them! 

As for rodeo, we went to slack on Tuesday and Wednesday night for a while, and then the actual Rodeo ran from Thursday through Saturday night.  The weather was actually beautiful the whole time.  Thursday night I had actual goose bumps, who would have though!  A front came through just before the rodeo began and cooled things off for us, this pregnant lady was VERY grateful. Saturday was the only night that was pretty warm, and by sundown even that day was nice.  The parade that afternoon, in normal style, was really hot!  Fortunately, we got to watch it with my friend Angela T. from inside her dad's office in the comfort of air conditioning!

We so look forward to going home each year for this event.  It is a wonderful time to catch up with family and see a lot of friends that we don't get to see often.  I have a friend who lives in Alaska that comes home for Rodeo and Christmas every year, so when I say it is practically a major holiday in town that is not an exaggeration!

My brain was failing me a bit I guess because I didn't get to many pictures, but here is a few of what I did remember (or mom remembered) to click:

Tough enough to wear pink night (Thursday).  They do this each year to raise money for the local Relay for Life and promote Breast Cancer awareness! Many PRCA rodeos across the nation do the same thing.

Mom & Dad on didn't get the memo to wear pink, I may have to get him a new pink shirt for next year.

8 months pregnant, I told Patrick, my brother, when we found out that we were expecting that my goal was to go riding at rodeo.  We just told him I would need a horse he trusted enough to put his niece on.  He had just the horse (a very gentle 4 year old, I may add)  I was able to get in the saddle with no help (also a goal) and we had a great ride!!  I am pretty sure between Aunt Megan and Uncle Patrick, our little one with have plenty of riding options when she is big enough....and lets be real....her own pony!

Tim's brother, Alex, drove the ambulance in the parade on Saturday afternoon.

One of my best friends, Samantha and her daughter.  Addie had been waiting for this all week.  She is the cutest thing ever!

Singing the National Anthem on Saturday night is a tradition for The Amendment and Amendment Alumni. Always fun, but I am starting to feel pretty old.

Samantha & I on Saturday night.  We had a great time, and I love getting to catch up with her each time we are home! Miss you Sam!!

Tim and I

Patrick and Megan

And now we finally know what the inside of that barrel looks like! 

For those that aren't familiar with rodeo, during bull riding there is a barrel put in the arena as some what of a distracter for the bulls, this allows the Cowboys/Clowns to get away safely or  put something between them and the bull...also there is a clown inside the barrel.  Needless to say, sometimes he will go for quite a ride, as was the case this year. During some of the Clown acts they will also change costumes inside of the barrel.  We have said for years...I wonder what the inside of that barrel looks like or how big/heavy it really is. Well, this year the mystery is solved.  It is pretty big, heavy...about 80-90 pounds, and basically just really padded inside with not really anything specific to hang on to.  You would just have to brace yourself on the sides of the barrel.  Now we know the answer to the age old question, "what does the inside of the barrel look like?!"  If only I though my belly would have fit in there, I would have tried it out too!