Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are Family

Also part of being home for Rodeo, was getting to spend time with family.  It was so nice to have most of the cousins around and to get to catch up. One of the biggest highlights was finally getting to meet Alex.  He is the son of my cousin Jodie and her husband, Ben.  They live in North Carolina and our timing to both be home at the same time just hadn't worked out yet.  I am so glad that it finally did, Alex is such a good little boy and so so cute.  I hope our little one has his disposition!  My other cousin, Jana, was home from Texas, and we got to see Dustin (who was in the midst of moving to a new house in Glade).  We had such a great time, and hope next year is a repeat!

Grandma with her Grandkids, only missing Kacy

Grandma Connie (my dad's mom)

Ben, Jodie, Alex, and Grandma

Jana, Jodie, Alex, Grandma

Alex and Grandma

Such a cutie!!!

Patrick had to leave for a Ranch Rodeo as soon as we took the group picture so he didn't make it into to many pictures; Dustin and Megan also escaped the camera...Tim was the one clicking and he was trying to get some good shots of Alex.


  1. I never realized how much Alex looks like Ben. He's sucha cute little guy.

  2. What great pictures, especially of Grandma. And you got some where Grandma and Alex are looking in the same direction, which we don't manage very often.
    So nice to see you. Can't wait to meet Sprinkles!
    And yes, Alex is a total mini-me of Ben. ;) We joke that the only thing he got from me was his blood type.