Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chanute Baby Shower!

Once again friends and family showed us what a loved and lucky little girl we have.  On August 21st we had our baby shower in Chanute.  My dear friends Sharon Kelly and Amy Keating hosted it and it was wonderful!  It was at Sharon's house (next door).  Amy actually ended up having to be at a family reunion so was not able to be there, but her mom, Cheryl, helped out in her place.  My Mom and Dad were able to come down for the weekend so that Mom could be at the shower.  It was so nice to have them here, as always, and to just have a chill weekend with them.  One of my best friends Lindsey, her husband, and daughter Lilly (3 months old) also stayed with us on Saturday night since Salina is a bit of a drive back.  They have been busy with their little bundle of joy so hadn't been able to come down for sometime, but we are so glad that it worked out this time.  Plus then Tim, Dad, and Kenton could hang out while we were at the shower.  Here is a look at the shower:

Yummy cupcakes...Cheryl made pacifiers out of mint lifesavers and candies

Dinner is served!

Mom (Proud Grandma) and I

Marcia and I

Sharon and I, Sara is on the left

We are lucky girls!

Grandma got some gifts too!!

Part of my "mommy survival kit" from Sharon, one of my favorite wines, also included CAFFEINATED coffee, bath beads, tissue, LOVE IT!

Great Friends and Family!

Sharon, myself, and Cheryl

My great friend Lindsey and I.  We were celebrating her baby shower a few months ago!

Brandi, Me, and Sara...great friends from high school who made the trip from Wichita

Me and Miss Marlee

We are so blessed with wonderful Family and Friends and are so greatful for thier support and generocity.  We are so excited for our Little Girl to arrive and see how much she is loved!!

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