Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Camera Practice

Last week we decided to take out the new camera and try to get some good pregnancy pictures.  Since the whole idea behind getting a new camera was to avoid the expense of going to a photography studio, it was time to put to to use.  We figured we would do a few now and try to find some settings that we liked, then we will go out again in a few weeks to capture some more.  We have a tripod too, so hopefully we will be able to get Tim into some of those pictures as well. But until then here are a few:

I was a day shy of 31 weeks in these photos, and we had fun taking them...until I decided it was HOT and then it was time to come home and get to the pool! We are headed home for the week tomorrow so I maybe a bit absent for a while. I still do owe you the 31 week photo and will have many to share when we get back from our visit to "God's Country"

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  1. You look beautiful! Can't wait to see you and the belly in person this week.