Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This girl can accessorize!

A day home with Daddy, and I get this texted to me.  She always knows just what she wants to wear, carry, etc...oh lordy, we are in trouble!

Mother's Day

Yep, I realize that it is now June and these are OLD, but still cute none-the-less.  I am sure the Grandparents will still enjoy them :)

We headed to Deanna Rose in Kansas City to spend the day.  We had never been there before and it did not disappoint! It is a petting zoo/farmstead with lots of animals and activities.  I did, however, feel a bit like a traitor going to the city and paying so she could see a cow.....Papa, we need to come see you!

My 2 favorite people!

Not so sure about feeding the baby goats...she was all ok with it until they got a glimpse of the bottle then they became attack goats...she was less than thrilled...

Love her!

Getting Creative & Outside Fun

So these are some from a few months back, but we just cleaned off our DSLR and I had forgotten all about these photos.  Just before I deployed, I made a giant chalkboard that is attached to the fence in our back yard for Miss Tenley to enjoy.  She LOVES it, and it is so fun watching her play!

California Adventure!

Last week we set off on a week long vacation to Palm Desert, California with some great friends and their 2 kiddos (a 4 year old and a 4 month old.)  After hours of delays in the airport, finally arriving in Palm Desert (after no less that FOUR flight changes), finding we had ZERO bags waiting for us, or car seats, or strollers, we got checked in to our wonderful resort and settled in for a fun filled vacation.  And, thankfully our bags and parafanilia showed up the next night.

Here is a brief photo recap!

Our little fish LOVES all things water!

San Diego Zoo, needless to say it was a rough day so very few pictures happened!

Back at the resort playing in the sand just of our patio

 WONDERFUL Children's Museum in Palm Desert


Lunch at Hard Rock Hollywood, she was cheesin' it up!

The Hollywood sign is behind us...can't really tell...

Ok, so maybe it isn't so "brief" in pictures, but hope you enjoyed!