Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Motherhood is:


She is making some soup and maybe a cake.  I am thinking of ways to learn numbers, letters, and colors.  She is putting her {yummy} cake in the oven, and I am imagining her life; who will she become, where will her life goals lead her? 

Whether imagining life tomorrow or life 20 years from now, it is what fills my days, my commute to work, and my time just watching her be.  Don't get me wrong, I am definitely living in the now, but it does cross my mind...a lot!   

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Friday, January 20, 2012


Motherhood is:


The dishes needed done.  The clothes needed folded. I am sure something needed dusted...
But we NEEDED to play hide and seek. So we did.  And it was wonderful!

I love the minds of little ones, when they believe if they can't see you, then surely you can't see them.  Such innocents, it melts my heart.  I have been working a lot lately and have a lot ahead of me. I had today off.  So instead of catching up on all the housework, we spent most of our day playing and cuddling.  I so enjoy these days and though I have to remind myself that the work can wait (it does grind on me to have a mess)  the thought of missing these moments with my sweet girl is not worth the perfectly kept house.

Learn about my Project 52

Who else is on board with a Project 52?  Let me know and we can link up!
Here are a few that are in on the fun 
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Friday, January 13, 2012


Motherhood is:


Every Morning. Every Afternoon. Every Night.  Every Day. 
Some days it is more trying than others, but when it comes down to it, we would do anything at any second for that sweet child.  

For me I knew from the start that I wanted to nurse our daughter to be.  Now 15 months later we are down to 2 sessions a day, and even that is drawing to a close.  One month from today I leave for my first deployment since becoming a Mommy.  I am excited for it, but my heart is breaking at the same time. I am hoping she will drop the last few on her terms like she did the ones previous, but time will tell. Wish me luck.

We have had an amazing experience nursing and I cherish those moments with my daughter more than anything.  My journey was originally going to end when she was only 6 months old, with a deployment, however, with support from Commanders and coworkers I was able to stay home.  I had been pumping like crazy to try and stockpile enough breast milk to get her to the one year mark.  I started pumping when she was about 2 weeks old and at peak was feeding her 10-12 times a day and then pumping up to 5 times a day.  When I learned I would not have to deploy I started to wean from the pump.  With production very high, even that took some time.  So after months of endless pumping and developing a love/hate relationship with my sidekick (pump) our freezer was full and so were the freezers of our friends.  Since we now were going to be blessed to not need the extra it was time to find a milk bank.  Fortunately, there is one in Kansas City, only an hour and one half from where we live.  I got in contact with them and went through the process; paper and medical and ended up begin able to donate 7,901 ounces.  What an amazing feeling to know you are going to be able to help our so many other Mommy's and Babies.  

I am not telling this story for any kudos WHAT.SO.EVER!  But to share that it isn't always easy, it isn't always convenient, but it is ALWAYS worth it.  Whether it be breastfeeding, meal choices, what shirt to wear,  when to vaccinate, etc being called Mommy takes dedication, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Motherhood is:

always being ready to learn!

I have taken in so much over the last 15 months.  From other Momma wisdom, to the life lessons taught to me by someone so small and so precious.  They are all priceless and I will treasure them always.  

But, now to add to my list of things to learn is my camera and newly installed Photoshop.  Overwhelmed barely begins to cover it.  The camera I am getting, I am fairly comfortable in  manual mode, but I know it can do so much more and I just need to put the time into it to better my skills. As for Photoshop, that is a who new world to me, so wish me luck.  My families  memories are so worth it, that the only motivation I need (well that and some time locked in the office to read and practice!)  

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Project 52

Yep, I am going to tackle a Project 52, and I am really excited about it.  For those that don't know a Project 52 is a weekly project to take you through the year.  I was truly inspired by Shawna's Project 52 on StyleberryBLOG over the last year.  With that in mind, with the new year I decided to give it a go this year.  

I thought and thought about a theme/topic and kept coming back to one thing.  I was hesitant to use it because it is what Shawna wrote on all year and I didn't want to be a copy.  I wanted it to by my own, and like I said I certainly don't want to steal another persons work. was and is the one topic that I live for each and everyday, what gets me up in the morning and puts a smile on my face so much throughout the day.  So what could it be..Motherhood (of course)  

So, my challenge to myself is to capture a moment or event each week that describes where I am in my journey called Motherhood.  The good, the bad, and everywhere in-between.  I normally will post it each Friday, but am late this week because I had drill all weekend and am just home to my computer now.  So here we go....I am sure it will be a wild ride!