Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Party fit for a Princess

From the time I began debating what kind of party she would have this year, she said she wanted a "pink & purple princess party"  Easy enough, and way fun to plan!  

 testing out the glitter trail mix

 I didn't take a picture of it once we cut into it, but it was graduated purple from top to bottom.  yummy, but my not-so-in-to-sweets-girl barley took a bite…good thing momma loved it! (and the lighting in my kitchen is awful)
 making her party crown!
 even Brecken got to dress up…even though I forgot a bow….

 Though I am by no means a pro, I am loving learning and creating her cake each year.  Sue always make Tim's growing up and this is a tradition I am happy to continue

 yes, her name is miss-spelled….and I had no idea until after…I ordered it and didn't even check it ….obiviously…oops 
 fixed…after the fact

 love my 3 year old princess

What a fun day, where we were reminded just how blessed we are with wonderful friends and family!  Happy 3rd Birthday to the one who made me Momma! All our love.

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