Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A little catch up!

At some point I will get the hang of doing this on a weekly basis....well, I hope anyway! We are now at 16 weeks and 1 day!  The last week or so, I have actually been feeling back to my normal self.  It is so nice to have energy again.  I think we have gotten more projects knocked off the list in the past week that we did in the first 13!  Yesterday and today have been a bit rough, but I am hoping that a nap after this blog is done will be the ticket to feeling better!

It is so much fun now that the secret is out and we can talk about it whenever and tell whomever.  I feel like I am slowly getting past the "she ate to much stage," and on to the baby bump stage, which is exciting.  I have found a few new shirts to add to my closet.  I didn't realize how tailored most of my tops are, they still fit but are a bit tighter than before.  I have a few pairs of pants that I have been sticking too, mainly because I know that they will fit and I guess I just feel better about myself if I am not putting on jeans that are to tight!  However, I am very excited that (do I dare say) spring has sprung, so I am able to go back to living in sun dresses, and alot of the ones I already have will take me down the road a few months!  Here are a few picts to update you:
14 weeks and Miss Maggie

15 weeks, I think this day was a bit decieving...I don't think I look this "round" in the 16 week pict

And this is  16 weeks

We have our next appointment on 21 April (next Wednesday), it should be short and sweet.  Then the countdown will be on to our appointment in May, in which we should be able to find out what we are having!!  I don't remember if I said it in my last post,but at first we were really thinking that we would probably not find out what "Sprinkles" is.  However, the more my OCD takes over, and the more excited we get, I don't think Tim or I, either one, can wait until Sept/Oct to find out who we are welcoming into our home. 

You may have noticed that Sprinkles is the tag name baby has been given.  We had gone over to some friends house for dinner a few weeks back and were discussing "baby"  They have a 5 year old girl, whom we were asking the opinion it a boy or girl...what should we name it?  Well, Preston had just had a desert cookie (the ones at WalMart with all the frosting and sprinkles) and she promptly thought that Sprinkles would be a great name, and it kinda stuck.  Tim and I had been thinking about prebaby names and hadn't thought of anything good.  There was always peanut, but that is what everyone uses, so with Preston's help, Sprinkles it is!  I think we had better come up with something else for after Baby R is here.

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