Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its a......

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you all had a relaxing weekend, I definatly did!! Tim is at work at the fire station today with his shift and he also worked yesterday for one of the other guys that needed the day off!  So the puppies and I have been taking care of things here at home. 

We had a great week with some VERY exciting news that came as a suprise on Tuesday!  I had been in Topeka on Monday flying, for the 1st time in just one day over a month, I am so glad that my waiver is complete and I am back to flying, I missed it!!  After my flight on Monday, I came home to spend the day Tuesday before I had to go back that afternoon for a night flight. 

Tim and I were lounging on Tuesday morning when his cell phone rang and it was our friend Matt. He just asked, "How far along exactly is your wife"  Tim told him 16 weeks and 5 days....Matt said I will call ya back and click.  At this point we didn't really know the reason for his call.  A few minutes later he called back and said that Shambri was at work, she works in the x-ray dept at the hospital, and had been talking with the girls in OB and they were demonstrating a new sonogram machine and they needed girls to come in to "practice" on.  Shambri called a few minutes later and told me that if I wanted to do it to be there at about 11:00!! I was beyond excited, because she said that they should be able to tell the gender of our baby!!!  I had just been complaining to Tim that it was going to be SO hard to wait the next month until we could find out at our appoitment in the latter part of May!  For me the timing worked out perfectly!  I had plenty of time to go to the sonogram and then relax a bit before having to head back to Topeka.  The only downfall was that Tim had already committed to going on a transfer for the hospital at 10:30, so he would not be able to be there with me.  We talked about it and said that we would have the lady doing the ultrasound put the results in an evelope and we would look at it together that night....well I was less than clear with how I wanted it to work and as she was looking at baby she said "It looks like a ------ to me!"  I was so excited at that point that I didn't care that I knew already.  I did feel really bad, however, when  I called Tim afterwards to tell him the news.  I think that is when it hit me that he had missed it.  He will be at our next one though, and I don't think it will be any less exciting at that point than it was the first time!  But now for what you all really want to see...
Sweet little profile picture

Side shot of the whole body.  Leg is bent and hand it at babys face. 

Little foot!

AND IT"S A .....

We are beyond excited!  It is so fun already to hear Tim talk about his daughter!  I do have to say that his first response was, "This just got a lot more expensive!!"  Though that maybe true, I have done great so far and restricted myself from buying all of the ADORABLE baby girl clothes!  Be assured though that when they start to put out fall clothes, I will be taking advantage of the spring and summer clearance racks! 


  1. I am so excited for you!!

    Now planning your baby shower will be so much more fun!

  2. I've already been shopping!!! You'll see Thurs.!!! Mom

  3. So exciting!! I was secretly hoping for a little girl myself :) Nothing like all those adorable little dresses and outfits hanging in the closet and all that pink!

  4. SO EXCITING!!!!!! Your sono story so reminded me of when we 'were not going to find out' with Brooks either, until we went in and the nurse pointed out the 'winkie' and Brad went bazerk !!!!

  5. A girl!!! How wonderful! I love girls :)