Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Motherhood is:


big. small. 
crawling. walking. talking.
ponytail. pigtails. salon visit...1st hair cuts!

Today was our 1st hair cut (well, trim really) and she did awesome. We both had appointments and Daddy went with us.  When we got there she decided that she only wanted Momma at the moment so that meant Daddy had the camera....
She sat right up on my lap like such a big girl and was so still, a rarity for this fire plug!  She thought wearing the cape was the coolest thing ever, and insisted on wearing it after Cindy was done trimming her hair.  When it was Momma's turn she still wanted to sit on my lap and check it all out.  She had a front seat view for my hair being washed and stuck around to watch my eyebrows being done then was off to play with some toys.  I am thinking we will have many salon/spa days in our future!

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  1. Ahh!!! We just had our first haircut last month. I definitely want to do a spa day with Ke'alohi in the future too...