Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Take 2!!

Well, much over due, and most of you already know...but we are thrilled to announce to the blog world that we are expecting baby #2.  We are thrilled and Miss Tenley is pumped too.  She told us "baby, Mommy's tummy" before the test even read positive!

 We are currently 19 weeks along, and things are going great for baby.  For Mommy is a different story.  I was sick with Tenley until about 15 weeks, but this little one is already challenging me.  I know it is harder, simply because I am chasing a toddler this time, but I am beyond ready for the sickness to go away and enjoy this pregnancy!  My complaining won't make it any better though, so I am trying to focus on the positive.  We are using the same OB/GYN this time as we did with Tenley, as she is great.  Our due date is April 20th(ish), 2013.  We have an appointment this Wednesday, where we can find out gender....but, we are holding out this time.  Tim started out wanting to with Tenley, and I couldn't do it.  So this time, we are changing it up.  He says, "it is one of the last true surprises and he wants to experience it" so I am 100% on board with it this time and completely okay with it.  Which is shocking for the girl who has to plan, plan, plan for everything!  I guess sometimes you just have to let go, so that is what I am doing.

I have been trying to keep up with weekly belly shots...why is this such a chore, it isn't like it changes....there are always 7 days of opportunity...but, I have still managed to miss a few is what I have uploaded to the computer so far.  I won't wait 20 weeks to post the next ones!

 We just found out the  news! I love nothing more than her grinning face in the background
 4 weeks, didn't have the chalkboard yet :)

So, still have some catch up to do. I really need to also remember to do photos before Tenley is in bed, because we want her to be a big part of this pregnancy.  She already loves to talk to the baby, my heart melts.  She will tell baby about her day, her toys, her shows, beyond adorable.  Oh how I love that girl, and look forward to seeing her as a big sister, and realizing how much more love we have to share.  Please keep us in your prayers and we progress through this journey of life.  We are blessed and looking so forward to this new adventure!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much sooner you show the 2nd time around...and how much crappier you feel?!?!

    There's nothing better than seeing your two children bonding together. It was an amazing experience introducing Ethan to his new little sister. I love watching their relationship grow as Ella gets more interactive.

    Love to you and yours!