Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

April Photo Dump

 We started the month off with a spa birthday party for one of Tenely's friends, to say she was all about it would be an understatement!  They got the full treatment to mani/pedis at the salon.

 We Love Papa!
 This girl would pretty much be outside every waking moment if she could.  Her and Daddy had a blast playing chase in the yard, and she loves playing on the trampoline!

 Our tumbling blur!
 Daddy needed an adjustment...chiro much?
 40+ weeks and ready to meet Baby 2
 At Logan & Luke's birthday party!
 She made tea to share with her friend that was coming over to play

 A new Minnie dress from Miss Sharon
 Going to be a great big sister
 Checkin out the chics and bunnies.  She loved the bunnies, the chics..not as much
 Another birthday celebration, and playing on Layla's stage

 Still pregnant!
 DIY growth chart for the kiddos!

Planning Daddy's party

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