Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Month 1 | Brecken

Pregnancy was great.  Labor and delivery, amazing.  Learning the ropes with two...tough!  That would explain why she is now 4 months old and I just realized I never did monthly posts for her.  So, in recap.

The transition to two has had its moments. I forgot just how nice it is to have a toddler that always sleeps all night long.  Getting up every few hours took some getting use to again.  Fortunately, Brecken was more than happy to eat and go right back to sleep.  Momma had just forgotten how long it takes to nurse a newborn and keep them awake for a full feeding.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  I am so very thankful that I am able to nurse our girls.  I feel like it is one of the greatest gifts I can give them and maybe a little selfishly myself too.  I adore those moments that we get to spend just us.  Here is a not-so-brief photo recap of Month 1! And a couple of big sis because she is so darn cute too!

 "Momma, I want to wear my baby too!"

 My heart may just burst!

 Snuggles with Great Grandma Hanke
 We had a TOUGH go towards the end of the month, this was a pretty common face...
 and about the only way she wasn't screaming...
 and she sleeps...after a chiropractic appointment and mommy deciding to swear off dairy, she is a happy baby!
 is this my glimpse of life with 3? "Stripes Baby" is in the bassinet 

 Where is this tiny baby now?

 She was NOT going to have it and I was NOT going to push it...

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