Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY | Baby Legs

So I have been looking online at all of the adorable baby leggings that are yours for only $14.99 a pair...ugg. To me that seems pretty steep, and you can be assured that Tim thought it was crazy. I think they are too cute and as I was reading some old posts from one of my favorite blogs ( I ran across her DIY baby legs, it was so easy and I am so glad that I found the post. She was genius to think of this! SUPER EASY!
How To:
1.) find a pair of tube socks with a print that you like, I picked up a 3 pack at Wal Mart for $6.99
2.) Simply cut the foot part off of the sock
3.) Put a quick hem in the bottom part so it doesn't fray or stretch.

4.) Baby legs for $2 a pair! So stinking cute and SO easy!
These are long enough that they should last a while, but at $2 even if they don't I am not out near as much. I will now always be on the hunt for cute socks I can turn into leggings!

Adorable, but I am a touch bias!

Also, I mentioned that I found the idea on I highly recommend checking it out, I love it! Shawna talks about life with a little one, photography, some cooking, and life in general. She is super creative so it is full of great DIY projects!
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  1. Tenley is so long legged this looks like it will work better than pants. Easier for her to move too. LOVE the blog picture!!! Mom

  2. thanks for the linky-loo! Your bf-ing story is SO INSPIRING! Thank you for sharing!! :) Wishing you tons of strength on your upcoming deployment!