Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A wedding weekend

Last weekend we traveled to Colby, KS where Tim's best friend, Curt, was married.  Tim stood up as Curt's best man, just as Curt did at our wedding for Tim (which I can hardly believe was nearing 6 years ago!) I was a long drive out to western Kansas, but as always Tenley did amazing.  She is such a great traveler, we just hope and pray it stays that way. 

We headed out Friday morning at 9:10 a.m. (I only say the specific time because 9:00 was our goal...I would say we did pretty dang good!) we arrived in Colby about 4:15 that afternoon.  We had to make a few stops along the way to eat of course and then we stopped at a great little cloth diaper store in Wichita as well.  Sweet Cheeks...for any fluffy moms (or dads) I highly recommend it, nice things, good prices, SUPER nice people! Anyway, that evening we went to rehearsal and then went back to the room. We got Tenley to bed and then Tim went to meet up with some of the wedding party at the hotel restaurant/bar for a while.  I got some reading done and headed to bed somewhat early...BLISS. 

The next day, Tim was busy with wedding activities so Tenley and I got to hang out all day.  We played in the hotel room, went swimming, played with Grandpa Dennis, and waited for Grandma and Papa Chester to get there.  They came out to see us see Tenley, and sit with her that evening after the wedding ceremony so that I could stay down at the dinner and dance with Tim to celebrate.  We were so glad that they were able to make it out and spend some time with all of us, it is always so much fun.  Grandma was armed with the camera, and she got some shots for  us. I, however, don't think I got a a single photo all weekend....very uncommon for we are glad Grandma was ready. Here is a few:

 Our little Family!

Playing with Papa's hat

Also, on the 21st my parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.  They are such an inspiration to me as they have demonstrated to us what a loving marriage and family looks like.  Through the good and not so good, fun and work, they always have come through it together, and for that demonstration of love, I am so grateful.  We are blessed to have them to look to for guidance and advice.  So, again Happy 29th Anniversary Mom & Dad, we love you so very much! 

While we were at the wedding, we sent them out for an anniversary dinner.  So they got a date AND Granddaughter time..jackpot for them!! 

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