Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DisneyWorld pictures

Starting the day at Sea World!

Tenley LOVED the dolphin show!

This face is why I would not hesitate to take her on another vacation as a baby! I love the wonder and happiness in her eyes.

Cars at Epcot!

Drinking their lunch in Germany!

Layla had big smiles for Nemo.

The Nemo ride

Back to Magic Kingdom
The Mice who started it all!

playing peek-a-boo with Mickey

Woody and Jesse, the line was pretty long and it was HOT so we just snapped a picture of them.

 On the "It's A Small World" ride, it was very cool!
I was really excited to take her on the carousal, we both enjoyed it!

So did Shawn and Layla

This one cracks me up, it looks like she did a self portrait!

We had such a wonderful time at Disney, and are so greatful Sam, Shawn, and Layla invited us along!  We look forward to our next vacation with them!

For anyone wondering (or thinking) if it is crazy take a baby on vacation, here is my thoughts...sure, she won't remember it, but we will.  We will never forget that experience with her or the look on her face when the fireworks when off, or she experienced something new.  It is a moment for her, and that is what made the memory so special for us!

Plus, I am convinced there is no easier place to take a baby than Disney!  They are set up for it..the babycare centers made life so simple (and they are at each park.)  They are centers that have nursing rooms, changing tables, high chairs, and great air conditioning.  We would head to it when it was time for Tenley to eat her solids. For just nuring, we would just go with where we were at. They are spotless and have very helpful staff.  Strollers could go in someplaces,  but everywhere had stroller parking.  If babe was sleeping then *most* places would allow the stroller to come in as to not disturb them.  It is truely family friendly (as it should be) but they do a fantastic job of accomidating everyone! Maybe it really is the happiest place on Earth!

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