Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

What a great weekend we just had.  On October 1st we celebrated our sweet girl's 1st birthday with a trip to ONEderland, and a Madhatter birthday party.  I will be overloading you will pictures of that very soon, but I wanted to get some other shorter posts done first.

Much of our family was only able to be here for a short time, but my parents got to stay the whole weekend.  Sunday was a beautiful day so we make the short trip over to Independence, KS to Reichenberger's Pumpkin Patch  We took in some of the maze and wandered the pumpkin patch as well.  We went last year with our very newborn so it was fun to see her this year actually enjoying it and taking it all in.  I think I enjoyed it a bit more too, since I wasn't recovering from labor and delivery this time!

 Checking out Bubba, the pot belly pig

 and the goat...

 Sliding with Papa and Daddy, she loved it!
 Mommy and Tenley on the slide, it was narrow & surprisingly fast!

 In the maze we go!

 On to the pumpkin patch

 Papa and Grandma
                                                  What a difference a year makes!!
The maze! There are 5 different mazes mixed within it.  We only got through one...we were short on time, but I doubt it would have mattered, they are tough!

I am sure this will be a family tradition for years to come.  However, I think next year she will be running from pumpkin to pumpkin saying, "This one Daddy!" I look forward to that, maybe he will give in to her easier than me!  I could come home with a truck load! I LOVE FALL!

Up next, our ONE year old and her Madhatter birthday!

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