Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tenley's 1st Royals Game

We are working on making her a fan already! The end of September we met up with my parents in Kansas City to take in a Royals game.  Though they were out of any race already (big surprise; it is the Royals folks) they did put up a win the night we were there.  It was a pretty exciting game, and we all had a great time.  We started the festivities with a "fan experience" tour that took us through the Hall of Fame and then down to check out batting practice.

 Tenley taking in batting practice with Papa and Grandma.  She was more into it than this picture shows!
 Being 1/2 way to St Patty's Day the hats were the game time giveaway.
 Playing on the dugout

Time for some tailgating!

After the tour it was time for some tailgating....this was all planned out to be a great meal by Tim, only thing we didn't plan for was that the grill would be broke.  The threads to attach the little propane bottle were no grilling for us....good thing he had plenty of sides.  I felt kinda bad because he had gone to the work to get everything in order and all set up just to have it tank.  Tenley, however, still enjoyed her meal!
 Realizing the grill is not going to work...

 Pink OVERLOAD! And yummy dinner!
That expression kills me, and I see lots of Daddy here.

The game started well before Tenley's bedtime, but ended well after it.  In her normal fashion she was not about to have anything to do with sleep when there was action around her.  She did pretty well, but I was grateful there were 4 of us to pass her around too.  She never had a melt down, just got very restless.

 As soon as we got in the car after the game it was this face for  a second, and then out like a light! 

(& fail on us for putting her in her seat with her coat on...thus you get to hear a car seat rant...I may be compulsive about car seat safety, but it amazes me everyday how I see car seats installed, used, not used, etc....just today as a person was leaving our garage sale with a wee one, I saw their car seat...INFANT car seat placed in the back, middle (ok points for being in the middle) but it was forward facing...hello, rear facing car seat.  And recommended until age two! It may not be the law, and yes she was buckled in BUT COME ON!  So, while typing this rant I have decided that a post in the near future will deal with basic car seat safety.  The dos, the don'ts, what I have learned, a bit dull yes, but hopefully someone who reads this will learn something or be able to pass on some knowledge.  PS...I didn't know it before I was called Mommy, and in having our car seat installation inspected by a certified car seat guy I learned A LOT! Also, I will learn his actual title before I make the post...thus end my rant! Thanks!

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