Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spook Parade

The 28th was the annual Spook Parade in Chanute.  Each year they have a trick or treat to the businesses on main street followed by a parade of the kids in their costumes.  It was one of Tenely's 1st outings last year (she was a spider) so we went back this year.  She isn't big enough to be in the parade, but we still dressed up to go and see the other kids.

We did only stay downtown briefly because we were still in the process of getting over our first bout with bronchitis.  Which, by the way, was NO fun;  the poor girl was one sick baby and it was hear wrenching.  We had a few rough days and nights, but now we are back to our silly self.

 Our little Peacock

 Taking in the parade with her buddies!

Enough costume, time to be comfy with Dad!

As for Halloween, well it came and went.  We had high hopes, and then the pager went off, and then Daddy was out the door.  2 structure fires at once leads to a department wide recall...

So Tenely and I were off to do some trick or treating ourselves.  We had a good time and she was spoiled by all!  Tenley friendly snacks, books, books, and  books!  I love it, and so does she.  Added bonus, she can always look at/read her book and we are "good" parents.  No candy for her to want means we aren't the "mean" parents when we won't let her have it.  I wonder if that will still work next year...I have me doubts...  At any rate, we are awaiting a nice day that we are both home to re-create Halloween so that I can actually get some good photos of her in her peacock costume!  Stay tuned!

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