Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Pewi | Y Bike

 We. Love. This. Thing. 

I was flipping through facebook one day and happened to see this posted on giggle, it wasn't something I was looking for, but also couldn't pass up.  Y Bike makes a line of balance bikes, and the Pewi is the version for little ones.  I read through some reviews before clicking buy, and they were all great.  It is the perfect size for Tenley, and she will also grow with it all at the same time.  They say is is great for learning to walk, however, it rolls very easily so unless you have a stable walker I would be cautious of that.  However, Tenley LOVES pushing this thing all over the house.  She can climb up on it on her own, and her legs are long enough to sit on it and scoot around.  The wheels are on a caster so they roll smoothly in all directions.  No hard turns or steering to navigate.  She was all about giving her babies rides too!

Olivia Mae is ready to go.
so is Mr. Snowman
loading up the whole crew!
Time for their drop off (I guess)

It is so much fun to see what all this little lady is learning lately.  Not only do we love to give our babies rides, we love to "love them," comb our hair, give anyone or anything that will stand still long enough, and wear ALL jewelry that we can get our hands on.  She is really understanding short instructions and is compliant most* of the, take it to Mommy/Daddy, put [item] in box/bag. etc., sit, stand, "not for little girls" we try to use that in lieu of  "no" in hopes that she will not use "no" on us so soon.  I know there is many more, but I will use those for another post and remember what they are. So cute, and so fun!

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