Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visiting the Sieben's

We finally got to visit our dear friends The Sieben's in Missouri a couple of weekends ago. They have a daughter, Josie, who is just a few weeks older than Tenley, it was beyond fun to watch these girls play together. So much so, that we forgot to take to many pictures of them.

We are so thrilled that they are closer to us now, as they are stations at Whiteman AFB. Much better to have some of your best friends only 3 hours away rather than 11 hours in Mississippi where our friendship started in pilot training. Thanks for hosting us, and we hope we get to see you again soon! And we can't wait to welcome Baby Sieben #2 in March!!

 Great playtime!

Time for some Christmas gifts :)

 Love this!
Bath time fun, getting them to look up and smile at the same time was basically impossible.

           I maybe just a tad bias, but aren't these two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen?

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