Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Circus Celebration, Tenley turns 2!

 Where oh where did the last 2 years go? On Oct 3rd our little girl turned two!  We celebrated her big day the following Saturday with a circus birthday party.  Originally scheduled to be in our back yard, the cold weather moved us inside.  It was a WONDERFUL day. Here is the recap in pictures.  Thanks to my Mom and Aunt Mary for taking photos since this Mommy was there to enjoy the day, not worry about photos!

 Pick Your Nose, every circus has clown noses!
Awesome cupcakes made by Deanna Camper, Topeka.

Tenely seeing her great friend, Addie!
Great Grandma Barbara w/ Tim and Tenley

We LOVE our Jen!
Cake Time! I can count on one had the number of times this girl has had cake, however, all she would tell us she wanted for her birthday when asked was "brown cake," so as requested that is what she had.  Excited at the idea, but not so much when it actually came time to eat it. Silly girl!
Alex and Great Gma
Papa and Maw (my dad & mom) gave her a trike and she is all about it!

She had so much fun, and was adorable with each gift!

This little girl lit up the day.  We hoped that she didn't go into "shy mode." She definitely did not do anything close.  She was all over the place, spreading joy to everyone that was able to celebrate with us.  Her smile and giggle are infectious, and it makes my heart so full.  She is loving and considerate, but with her share of sass.  She knows her mind (already), and isn't afraid to let you know.  She takes the time to learn her surrounds, and then comes out our social butterfly.  She talks, and talks, and talks.  Full conversations and sentences with us.  It seems to have appeared overnight, she is a parrot...right Maw? (have to ask)  Still a bit of a small fry at about 24ish pounds.  Her 2 yr well baby is this week.  She decided she is over diapers, so on to Minnie panties it is.  She is doing great with it. Now telling us most times, even though we still ask a million times a day.  Dancing is our favorite pass time, and tumbling class our favorite weekly event.  She is a JOY, there is no other way to put it!  She has blessed our lives beyond measure, and even though some days are a challenge,  I cherish each and everyone.  Thanks for being my baby girl, I love you more than you will ever know!

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