Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

November Photo Dump

Here is a bunch of randomness from our iPhone in November (and in no particular order)....

 weekend in Denver for some Broncos football
 Park time in Phillipsburg with the Lowe family
 Curt & Tim at the Broncos game
 Tim Hunting
 Snuggles with Aunt Megan
 Decorating time

 helping put Halloween away and talking to her "weeny witch"

 Fully potty trained (and had been since Oct) time to put away dupes...for a few months :)

 1st night in her Dora bed at Maw and Papa's! Loved it!
 Game Time
 New boots and a bump

 Thanksgiving dinner prep with Aunt Donna

 Turkey day crafts

  Tuckered Out at Thanksgiving
 iPhone edit, dslr photo
 with her friend Layla at the Parade of Lights
 "special treat"
her very own tree to decorate and un-decorate!

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