Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby #2 update

Wowza, this is ALOT harder this time.  I am sure many of you remember Tenley's weekly blogs before she was born, this little one is already getting the short end of the stick.  We are still getting *most* of our weekly photos, but getting time to sit down and put it onto the blog has been, well, not happening.

Part of that has to do with the simple fact I am chasing a BUSY toddler, and part is because up until about 26 weeks, I still felt really sick about 98% of the time.  I am doing much better now, but it still comes and goes.  With Tenely the sickness ended about 18 weeks, so I was not surprised when it held on for that long, but yuck.  I know it is all a phase, but I will be glad when it is over.  Other than that, I have been doing really well, and pretty much exactly the same as with Tenely.  My blood pressure is great, and my weight gain is within 1/2 pound of where I was before.  That is all reassuring to me, as I feel like I am eating CONSTANTLY!  Coming down with the flu bug shortly before Christmas didn't help either, but Dr Taylor was pleased with where we had came since the previous appointment.

We start appointments every 2 weeks now, which is crazy!  That was such a milestone the first time, and the realization that baby was almost here.  It is really sinking in now too.  We are finally getting things done around here, which makes me feel much more relaxed.  We knew that getting through the holidays would be hectic, so with that in mind we had pretty much planned to go into "baby mode" after the new year.  I have a nursery fairly planned out.  Not knowing gender makes it TOUGH!  but oh so fun.  We will keep it pretty neutral with brown, aqua, (soft) yellow, and some orange before baby, then once he/she is here I will go that direction with it.  The walls have the 1st coat of paint and that is on the list to finish on Friday, and the crib is in pieces in our front room.  That is also to be assembled on Friday.  Tim and I made a trip to KC last week and ordered the dresser, which won't be delivered until mid-march.  That stresses me a bit, but what can ya do.  Tim was thrilled, less to work around until then.  True, I guess.  We also did a small registry at Buy Buy Baby, man I love that place.

But for now here is a few bump photos to get us (almost) caught up!

so, the little Momma wanted to show her tummy too!  and I guess the next few weeks are still on the camera...lets just hope that they are posted before a newborn photo!  

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