Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting SO Close

I can hardly believe that Baby #2 will be here in approximately 8 short weeks!  At first I didn't the day would ever come (thank you 24/7 nausea for 27 weeks)  But I am happy to report that at 32 weeks I am feeling great.  I am slowing down a bit, but pregnancy wise am feeling great.  My blood pressure, weight gain, etc. have all been pretty much a mirror of my pregnancy with Tenley, so for that we are so grateful!

My monthly prenatal massages and chiropractor appointments have been wonderful.  I truly think that this has helped me stay comfortable.  We have focused much more on the pregnancy/labor/delivery this time that we did with Tenley.  I guess we were just so focused on having our 1st that  "learning" how to be parents took a front seat....fair enough I suppose.  I knew my plan with her was to have an epidural to avoid pain, but this time we are planning a drug free birth.  So, with that keeping my body prepared from early on is a priority.  We have a doula who will be helping us through the labor and delivery process, and are doing  a hypnobabies home study course (since the closest class is Lawrence or KC), we are both really excited about the way we have chosen to bring this baby into the world.  With that in mind, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, that all can go smoothly and for a great experience.

Tenely is still pumped to be a "big ses-tor" and has decided that is it just going to be a "wittle baby" versus the sister was wanting first.  Maybe she is getting the idea that we don't know the baby's gender! Either way I see lots of "help" in our future and I truly can't wait to see her in big sister mode!

Here is a photo update of our progress:

 life with 2 will be interesting!

 little momma wanted to show her baby too

Stay tuned!

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