Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bringing Home Baby

(So, I am still playing catch up, bear with me)

Though we had a wonderful experience with labor, delivery, and our hospital stay we were more than ready to bring our little one home and begin settling in to our new "normal" life.  I am not going to lie it was nice to be brought breakfast in bed in the morning, and have someone to get you whatever you may need, but I was ready to get home and Daddy was definitely stir crazy, and missed our nice pillow top bed that had been given up for the past few nights and replaced with the couch at the hospital. 

We did have great care when we got home as well though,  my Mom was able to stay with us for a week and help us out.  Thanks to her, our freezer is now stocked with meals for those inevitable crazy days when cooking just isn't going to happen!  Plus, my laundry magically got done, my house clean, and my water glass always full.  And of course she got some good cuddle time with her new Granddaughter too (I have no doubt that was her favorite part!!)  We so appreciate all that she did while here, plus it was comforting to have her here for all the "what do I/we do" moments. 

Here is the photo recap of bringing home baby:

She is all dressed and ready to go home...

Only after we figure out the car seat (we do know how to use it, just getting situated :)

Glad you get the hang of this quickly

off we go

our nurse checking the car seat before we can leave

all ready, and so sleepy

New Family

We are home

Bringing Home Baby Tenley

Grandpa, me, Tenley, and Grandma Chester

Grandpa Dennis, Tenley and Daddy

Loving my little girl!

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  1. I loved every minute of my stay!!! Tenley is a VERY lucky little gal to have such wonderful parents and a big family that love her soooo much!! *Gma Robin*