Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Since it is never to early to being making memories and family traditions we took Tenley to the Independence Pumpkin Patch last Wednesday.  We had heard that this place was wonderful so we ourselves were pretty excited to check it out. 

We got up and around that morning so that we would get over there and back home in time to have some of the evening before Tim had to go and teach PSR at church (like CCD).  Well when we pulled up at the Pumpkin Patch I quickly noticed the "CLOSED" sign...sigh...we had totally spaced of the fact that it doesn't open until 4:00 during the week...oops it is about 12:30-1:00 when we see this. So what to do, we have a few hours to kill, a 3 week old, and a few we say forget it and go back home...nope, since it is such a process to just get out of the house and we had tackled it to get this far we just decided to stick it out.  Fortunately, Independence has a pretty big festival for Halloween, they call it Neewollah (Halloween backwards), they have a lot of cute downtown shops, and about 3 blocks of food vendors so we got out the stroller and off we went.  We had stocked up the baby bag, I had the boppy (a life or "arm" saver for feeding), and the pump so we were all set to be gone for the day.  The weather was fairly nice so off we went to check it out!  We did have a good time just taking it all in, the time went by pretty quick and soon we were off to what we had originally set out for...The Pumpkin Patch!!

This place is really nice, it has a small petting zoo, slides made out of hay bales, pumpkin chunking (sling shot), and they it has a HUGE corn maze.  There is actually 5 mazes within one.  Each maze has a clue hidden in it someplace and if you can find all 5 you get a free pumpkin.  We found the first 2, looked for the 3rd and I decided I would be happy to pay for my pumpkin!! Plus, I am still making my walks fairly brief so I was tired from walking all over town and now the corn maze.  So we decided to go and get some pictures, pick out our pumpkins, and get some apple cider and be on our way.  Here is some pictures from the day!

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