Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


....of our first tooth!  We thought maybe it would be soon and sure enough.  Yesterday, 16 March 2011, we had our 1st tooth breakthrough.  It is her bottom right one and it is just barely showing through, but none the less there. You can see it and feel that it is not just a gummy little smile anymore. 

Sunday we had somewhat of a long day with church in the morning and then going to Wichita for a church even as well as some shopping.  She was a trooper all day, but just not herself.  When we got home and got her to bed, about 9:00 (so a bit late) she felt like she was burning up and was pretty fussy.  We took her temperature and it was at 99 degrees, she is normally about 97.5, so we thought something was up.  That night she did not go down as easily as normal.  We generally lay her down and she is out before we are out of the room, this time she cried for awhile and Mommy was feeling guilty for putting her through such a long day so I went in and rocked her and she soon fell asleep.  She was down for about 30 minutes when she awoke again, so I rocked her again, but only for probably 15 minutes.  She did stay down for the night, but I awoke to her fussing a few times through the night, not normal for her.  She would put herself back to sleep within about 5 minutes so it wasn't bad, but again not normal. As a note, when we got up the next morning and Tim made the comment that she slept all night....I said, "You slept all night, she slept most of it, and I didn't sleep much at all." He hadn't heard a thing... Monday she went to her sitter, and had a good day so we kinda brushed off Sunday night and just being a long day, the time change, and just being fed up.  Tuesday I was home with her and though I saw a tooth trying to poke through, but couldn't feel anything.  Then Wednesday she spent the day with Sharon next door and did great.  I had told Sharon that I though we were close to teething, but nothing yet.  She has been somewhat of a drool factory for a while so we didn't put alot of stock in that, however, she did have a bit of a diaper rash (very mild) and many of our friends said their little ones had the same thing when they were teething.  When we sat down to play last night and I was looking/feeling around for a tooth, there it was! Just barely but it had broke the skin so hopefully the pain for her is less.  She was such a doll through it so we are praying that the ones to follow will be as easy! When it is a picture worthy tooth, be sure we will be snapping away and sharing with you all!

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