Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fit for a Princess

So I know that I have been saying how much we are working on the nursery, well here is your first sneak peak.  We still have a lot to do, but the major things are complete.  The painting is finished (as of last Thurs!), the cornice box built, the crib and chair put together, and a few decorations in place.  Now it is just adding things as I see them to make it a room our Little Princess can enjoy and grow with!

For some reason, I can't get a space between these first pictures, but this is where we started..We put a new base coat on the walls after tearing 2 layers of wallpaper covered with paint down.  Fortunately, it came down VERY easy!

Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes! The pattern that we are painting duplicates the stripes on the crib skirt.

 Looks so much different after pulling all the tape

Stripes are complete, now for the flowers, we used a projector and I traced the pattern onto the wall.

A bit tedious, but well worth it!

 All done, I could never have done this without Carla!  She is AMAZING!

Daddy got the crib all put together, and kept it "G" rated, guess he was practicing "watching his words"

First wall hanging, it says, "When they placed you in my arms, You slipped into my heart." And Tim with his 1st Father's Day gift...It says, "My hero did come, his name is Daddy!" 

It's starting to come together!

Making the cornice box, and measuring out the windows.  It is now hung, with green curtains, I have to sew the pink ribbon at the bottom of the curtains then will post those as well!

Our bedding won't be in until the end of July, we ordered it off of  For anyone who hasn't checked out this website I highly recommend it!  Everything on there is custom and hand made.   I was thrilled to find the perfect bedding to create our room, I just have to be patient because it should take 8-10 weeks from when I ordered it.  This will be very similar to what we are getting, our bumper will be traditional in style (taller and thinner) with brown piping around the top, and we didn't put her name on the back. 

So there is the update on the nursery, I will keep the pictures coming as we make progress on it! I know already we are going to have problems if she ever wants to paint her room!


  1. It's gorgeous! I especially love the stencil work! So creative.

  2. Love the nursery, Monica!! I can't wait to see pics of the new babe. You will be in our thoughts and prayers! Any ideas on a name yet, or is it a secret? All the pics have inspired me to start being more diligent about pics on my blog, too. Take care and keep in touch,


  3. How neat, that makes our quest for guest room paint look pretty shabby. It'll be wonderful once everythings done!

  4. The nursery is beautiful and I love the color scheme you chose! It will be easy for your little princess to grow older with it. Thanks for sharing!! Curt & Tina

  5. Oh my gosh! That is beautiful! I love all those colors! Your little princess will be so pampered in that room. Your wall hangings are adorable. AND I love that Daddy had a beer in his hand at the completion of putting the crib together! That's classic! Those things are not easy! :)