Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Half Way!!

Wow, I can hardly believe that we are half way through this pregnancy!! Though the first trimester was a test, the time since then has been GREAT!  I am still feeling awsome, but can definatly tell that she is growing and taking up more space.  (And I have a ways to go!) After sitting upright for a while I tend to have rib pain and have to recline or lay down for a bit....which can be a challenge since I travel for work. I should probably call it discomfort more than pain, but at any rate it is not a feeling I am use too! 

On another note, we finially made it to Ohau, Hawaii last week!!  We had a wonderful time, and I will get that post done this week I PROMISE!! Along with the 22 and 23 week pictures! But for now here is the 20 and 21 week shots!

20 weeks, Half Way!

21 weeks!

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