Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Everywhere!

Many of you know that decorating is something that I love to do, so as I am getting ready to box up all of our Christmas decor for another year I figured that I would share it with those of you who didn't see it in person.  Tim and I love this time of year, and though it is quite a process I love to cover the house in Christmas cheer.  This year however, it did take a bit longer. We went from what was before solid 2 days of decorating to about 4.5 days with breaks for Tenley time and feeding interspersed!  Everyone keeps saying, we will see how much you do next year with a mobile little long as it is safe for her, it will go up!  We want her to grow up with the same love for the Christmas season that her parents have!

So here is a tour through our house at Christmas time, Enjoy!:

Our family tree, it is filled with ornaments from our childhood, our lives together, and many baby's 1st Christmas ornaments!  I love the memories this tree holds more than anything.

My airplane tree and "flying Santa's" on the table, better picture of tree to come. One of the Santa's is an Airline Pilot and the other a Flight Instructor.

Tim's firefighter tree in the office

Many of these have been gifts, all of the Hallmark ones are from Tim's Dad who adds to our collection every year with the new Firefighter ornament!

Our room

tree in our room is simple, white lights and icicles

Miss Tenley's Door (thank you Grandma for the sign!)

Shelf across from Tenley's door

Nativity in Tenley's room, it was Tim's when he was young.  It is made of a rubber/plastic so will be great when she is old enough to play, it will be one that hands on will be encouraged!

bathroom (hopefully next year the one in our room will be renovated so it can be decorated too!)

Spare bedroom


Front living room, the family tree is in this room basically next to me as I took this picture

More in the front room, the tall skinny Santa was one that Tim made as a child, and is one of my favorite decorations!

A tradition that we wanted to have with Tenley, even though she had no idea this year, we wanted it to be here from the very beginning!  If you haven't seen this before check out, it is a great story.

More front room

Each year we add a Nativity to our collection, this one was Tim's mom's.

Tree in the dining area, I now realize that I forgot to take a photo of the dining room table, however it is kept very simple with only an Advent wreath, and garland on the light fixture. The vintage Santa was also Sue's (Tim's mom)

Airplane tree again, below is a close up of some the ornaments.  Dennis gets me the Hallmark airplane ornament each year, I love them!

Dining room wall


Candy garland is something that I found and LOVE, it is attached to a simple green garland, perfect for the kitchen!

Living Room

4 years ago we started getting the Kurt Adler Clothique Firefighter Santa, they are so neat and have great detail.

And the stockings were hung....I am planning to make new stockings before next year since I couldn't find one for Tenley to match.  Tim has wanted me to make them for a while and now with Miss Tenley I have a bit more motivation to get it done!

So there you have it, the Riggs house at Christmas.  We also do the outside, but I haven't gotten those pictures yet, and actually our lights decided to stop working the night before we went back to Phillipsburg for Christmas...go figure. Guess it is time for them to come down anyway.

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  1. It was so fun to get a virtual tour of your home all fancied up for the holidays. It looks great!