Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Monday, April 11, 2011

FuzziBunz | Our Diapering System don't just throw it in the trash? Nope, not in the trash but in the wash!  We are so happy with the decision to make the switch to cloth diapers.  We are loving it (okay, maybe I love it, but Tim is also very on board now after thinking I was CRAZY when I first mentioned it to him a few months back!)  We have had alot of people ask us how our system works for us and what exactly cloth diapering entails, so here ya go! I am finally getting this posted! 

1st, here is a closer look at a FuzziBunz One Size diaper:

This is the diaper laid out flat and then how it looks snapped on one side.  On the top diaper (crushed berry, my favorite!) you can see the sides (leg gussets) are fairly gathered, this is where you do the majority of your sizing to make it a one size diaper. There is also sizing on the back of the diaper with elastic as well. (more on that in a bit)  A one size diaper is one that fits baby from 5-8(ish) pounds (depending on the diaper) through potty training for most kids, we love the fact that as Tenley grows we will just adjust the diaper, not spend money on new ones! The blue diaper shows how the snaps look.  We prefer the snaps to the aplix (fancy for velcro) mainly because when she decides it is fun to pull off her diaper, she will have a lot harder time accomplishing this with snaps! Also, we think the snaps are much easier and more consistent. No matter who is changing her, we know which snap to go to each time so that she has the same fit each time...thus NO LEAKS!

This is what the elastic looks like.  It is labeled with numbers so that you can get a consistent fit throughout your diaper and your whole stash.  There is a guide on the package as well as the FuzziBunz website to help you figure out where to start.  We are in the recommended size and it works like a charm.

What is a pocket diaper?

Make more sense now? A pocket diaper is just that.  As you can see above the back of the diaper is open so that you can stuff the diaper with the insert of your choice, depending on how heavy of a wetter you have.  Each FuzziBunz comes with a newborn insert and a larger insert.  We have recently switched to the regular sized insert.  With this one we change her about every 2.5 to 3 hours.  One reason that we like the pocket style is that you can stuff the diaper to fit your kiddo or the time of day.  For her nighttime diaper we double stuff the pocket with either the newborn and regular insert or the regular insert and a hemp doubler.  So far this is working great, she is in this diaper from about 7:45 p.m. to 8ish in the morning.  I don't mind the extra "work" of stuffing diapers as it only takes a few minutes to do after the wash routine is complete.

Our storage system:

I had a drawer in Tenley's dresser that I had reserved for diaper necessities from the start.  Before it had extra disposables, wipes, diaper cream, etc in it.  Now, it is full of fluff!  We store all the diapers in here, along with extra inserts (which we only use at night when we double stuff), our 2nd pail liner, and the flushable liners that we have started using since Tenley is on solids now (such a big girl!)

Her changing station is on top of the dresser, which has worked out great.  All the diapers are prestuffed so all we have to do is grab one and put the flushable liner in. 

As far as what we do with the soiled diaper, we have come up with a system that really works well for us.  There is no sloshing, swishing, or dunking involved!  Before Tenley started on solids we didn't use the liners that I mentioned before. She is exclusively breastfeed so her stool was loose enough that the liners didn't do much.  It was also very water soluble so washed out very easily.  So then we just pulled out the insert (you can grab it with a folded wipe so that you are not touching anything if that grosses you out, guess the Mom in me comes out because it doesn't phase me, unless of course it was a dirty diaper and not just wet, it that case I did use a wipe) and toss it in the basket.  I found this laundry basket at WalMart and it is working perfectly.  It is the exact size we need or our pail liner (which I have to say was luck.)  Even with no seal and just a wicker lid there little to no smell.  We do have a scent absorber in powder form that we can shake in if necessary.  I honestly think that there is less smell than when we used disposables in a sealed diaper genie.

Here is the pail liner, we use the Planet Wise liner found here, and I love it.  it holds everything in with no leaks from soiled diapers.  I actually have to dump water out of it after I have washed it before it goes in the drier!  We have not made the switch to cloth wipes, and not sure that we will.  For the disposable wipes I have attached a plastic bag to the "leather" (yea right) straps that keep the lid attached.  They are velcro so it is super easy to change this bag when necessary.  This basket keeps everything contained and still keeps her room looking nice since it isn't just a trash can sitting out.

When we started our stash Tim wanted to keep mostly the same kind of diapers for simplicity.  We have gotten a couple of different kinds since then, but FuzziBunz are what we have and will keep the majority of We have added a Rumparooz firetruck diaper and an so so pretty itti bitti tutto, both one size diapers.  I will have to snap a picture of them as well.  Right now we just use our stash on the go.  I am looking into an "on the go stash."  For day trips the FuzziBunz are great, but for longer trips (like a weekend away) I am looking into some other options.  Right now if we are going to be gone for long without laundry access we are using disposable and would like to be able to use cloth then as well.  I will keep you posted on what we find!   

Hope this helps some of the Mommies (and Daddys) who have asked us about our diaper system.  Stay tuned for a post on our wash routine. 

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