Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cousin Time

While we were home for my 10 year class reunion (July 9th), Tenley got some Grandparent time, which lead to (2nd) cousin time.  For the class reunion we had family time at the park on Saturday afternoon, that we all went too.  It was VERY hot, so we didn't stay a really long time, but it was good to see friends and their families.  That evening we had dinner at Willer's, and it was a Mommy & Daddy outing.  Tenley stayed home at Grandma and Grandpa Chester's while we went out.  My mom had invited the Great Grandmas down for dinner so that they could all see Miss Tenley.  My cousin Chelsey, who was also in my class, and her husband Mike were at the class reunion as well, so her kids were with Great Grandma Hanke.  They got to come to Mom's house too and Tenley had such a good time playing with them! Come see us again soon Corey, Ciara, and Cailyn!!

Aren't they all so stinkin' cute!!

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