Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When hanging out at Grandma and Papa's house there is always someone to play with.  This time it was Uncle Pat and Aunt Megan.  These pictures are from a few weeks back, but I forgot to bring the laptop with us, so I was just able to get them (since we are back home again now.)  Tenley has such a great time playing with them, and I will venture to say that they don't mind playing with her either!  I just love seeing them all interact.  She is a loved little girl!

This guy is awesome!

I promise not to drool on you Aunt Megan, as long as you take me for pony rides!
(super blurry, but super cute)

These guys are SO much fun

Mom, can't you see I am playing...

Super Cheese!

Hunter, less than thrilled with his lack of (ie, not constant) attention

Some Mommy time too

Oh, the things she will learn....

the end result of a morning of playing, rest up baby your 1st pony ride is next!

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