Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I don't think so, but man this water looks fun!

I wonder if I can get away with this?

I don't know...maybe if I look away I can forget how much fun it would be...

OK, I can do this...on to something else...

like my toys!

I can pull EVERY toy out of here and not get in trouble, much better choice than the water bowl!

How do ya like our "Pebbles" look?

We have been spending a lot of time, while at home, on these really hot days in just our diaper.  They are so darn cute though, who needs anything else! Not only that, but she has a much easier time crawling in that versus her dresses...though adorable and we pretty much live in them. Daddy loves the ease of a diaper change with a dress, and I would agree that it makes things pretty simple! We are not all that excited about all the layers that come with cold weather, but it will only take a few more 100+ days to change that.  The biggest challenge will be the fact that last winter she just laid on her changing pad so sweetly, with out a wiggle.....those days, well they are LONG GONE!!

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