Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kansas Biggest Rodeo 2011

The 1st week in August always means it is time to make a trip back to Phillipsburg for Kansas Biggest Rodeo.  Our small town of roughly 2,000 people swells to many more, and the atmosphere around town is contagious.  People are everywhere, a parade, family reunions, class reunions, it all abounds throughout the week.  The rodeo runs from Thursday through Saturday night, with 2 nights of slack on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Saturday night is always sold out with thousands of people packing the stands.  When I was younger our county fair also took place during that week.  Now the fair is the week prior so it brings close to two weeks of fun (and exhaustion) to many parents and kids in the area. 

This year we decided to take some extra time and enjoy some time back home before the craziness of rodeo hit.  We got to be home from July 30- August 8.  It was great, we had so much for just enjoying being home, relaxing, seeing everyone love on Tenley, and the Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles loved having some time with the little lady! Tenley joined us at rodeo on Thursday night, but then Friday and Saturday she spent the evening with Grandpa Dennis so Mommy and Daddy could have a few nights out.  We had so much fun taking her and she LOVED it!  Rodeo kicks off at 8:00 p.m. (IE bedtime) but like always she did fantastic!  She of course stayed awake through it all, but was out before we got out of the parking lot. 

Before the rodeo started we were going strong!

This is great! Clapping for the Cowboys & Cowgirls!!

Our little Family all decked out for Pink night!
And don't ya love my dress?  We got it from Sam and Addie last year over the same weekend when we celebrated our Phillipsburg baby shower!  They knew we would need appropriate rodeo attire!! And wow, how a year changes things.

Chillin' with Aunt Megan...not sure why the face...

Explaining the action!

Still clapping away!

Future Rodeo Queen?

I love seeing these 2 together

I am so sleepy....

but if I sleep I will definitely miss something!

Had to say Hi to Uncle Alan & Aunt Connie before we left

Why all the pink?  Thursday night is always "Pink Night"  at the rodeo.  For each person wearing pink $1.00 is donated to the local Relay for Life, this year the ethanol plant matched the money raised.  This is an even that goes on at many PRCA rodeos throughout the country.

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