Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back Home!!

So I am back home and couldn't be happier!  I am however still playing catch up with my Project 52, I am still here though, just getting back into the swing of things. 

We got home Friday evening and then I had to go into work briefly on Saturday.  Tim and Tenley came to Topeka to pick me up so I got to see them right away and then we stayed up there Friday night.  I kept telling myself not to expect to much when Tenley saw me for the 1st time, since she is so little and has no real concept of time.  However, I was coming up the stairs, and they were waiting for me at the top, and my heart melted when she just started giggling and was full of the biggest smiles ever.  Between my jet lag and her not loving the hotel pack-n-play it was a bit of a rough night, but we were together none the less. 

Unfortunately, after work on Saturday I started feeling really sick and have been mostly down for the count until late this afternoon, and am still moving really slow.  I had to get a couple of immunizations, and I think that coupled with being exhausted/jet lagged just was to much.  Thankfully, Tim had taken today off so was home with us so I was able to rest. 

All that being said, I will hopefully be caught up very soon and will also post some photos from Guam. 

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